5 Common Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Repairs


Air conditioners are a necessity not a luxury here in Brisbane, especially during those long summer months, and a break down can mean a very uncomfortable time for you and your family.

Prevention is the best cure, and regular maintenance is the best way to avoid an inconvenient break down. You should have your air conditioner serviced at least once a year. The benefits of regular servicing include:

– lower energy bills – a well maintained unit runs more efficiently

– less repairs – by finding and fixing problems before they become too big,

– extended lifespan.

But even with regular maintenance, things can still go wrong. The sooner you diagnose a problem and have an expert look at it, the easier and cheaper it will be to repair. Following are five common signs that you may require air conditioning repairs.

1. Noise

Air conditioners are built to run as quietly as possible, so if you’re hearing clanging, grinding or squealing, it’s a good sign that your unit needs repairs.  Excessive noise usually means that there are loose or worn parts in the unit that need replacing.

2. Reduced Air Flow

Problems with air flow can have health implications as well as signal problems with your air conditioner. The most common cause is dirty air filters, but if you have replaced your air filter and you are still having air flow problems, call in a professional.

3. Water Leakage

As well as signalling a problem with your unit, leaking water can also cause damage within the home and contribute to higher water bills. Call an expert for this one – it could be a problem with the drains or pipe work.

4. Less Effective Cooling

Your air conditioner might be taking longer than usual to cool a room, or it might be blowing warm air. Either can be a sign of faulty electronic controls, failing compressors, a faulty thermostat or another internal problem that will require an expert appraisal.

5. Your Electricity Bill

When variables such as a change in season are absent, a sudden spike in your power bill might be a sign of an air conditioner malfunction. There are many other reasons for a larger than normal bill so to save your time and money, only call a repairman if you’re also experiencing one of the other symptoms on this list.

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