How to Clean your Split Air Conditioner

Keeping your air conditioner clean is very important. Air conditioners circulate air through your home. When kept in good condition, they can have an almost filtering effect, offering you cleaning cool air inside. However, if left to gather dust, air conditioners can actual circulate air of a poorer quality.

In extreme cases, mould can actually build in your air conditioner unit. Its spores then release as your air conditioner works, and they become airborne. Avoiding that situation is a priority, of course. But how? Here are our tips for cleaning your split air conditioner.

The best place to start is by cleaning the exterior of your split air conditioner – here’s why

Split air conditioners have an indoor unit, and an outdoor one. The indoor one is responsible for circulating cool air, while the outdoor one expels hot air. These units are the best place to start the job of cleaning your split air conditioner. It’s easy, too! When you do your weekly clean, give the exterior of both units a dust and wipe-down. That removes debris and dust from the units. That’s important, because from the units, the dust can enter circulation and cause more trouble for you. Keeping clean the exterior of your split air conditioner will keep clean the interior as well.

At least every six months, you should be cleaning the filter of your split air conditioner – here’s why

Of course, even with exterior cleaning, dust will still get into your split air conditioner. That’s completely normal. It’s also covered by your air conditioner’s filtration system. Split air conditioners have an internal filter, which removes dust from air as it passes through the unit. Over time, dust builds up in the filters. So, every six months – at the most – you should remove your filter and clean it out. It’s a relatively simple process, so you can do it yourself. However, if you want some expert assistance, simply call in qualified technicians to help.

Cleaning air conditioner coils is important in a split system – this is how you can do it

Air conditions have coils in them. Those coils are one of the most important parts; in them, occurs the thermodynamic process that expels hot air from your home. Given their importance, it is vital that air conditioning coils remain clean. Most commonly, they are susceptible to cobwebs and dust. A build up of either can reduce your split air conditioner’s efficiency. However, getting to coils is not always simple. That’s why we suggest getting professional assistance to clean your split air conditioner’s coils.

Keep your split air conditioner cleaner for longer by ensuring the outdoor unit is well-ventilated

The outdoor unit of your split air conditioner does a lot of the hard work. Often, you can feel its heat when you pass it. To keep it clean and efficient, we suggest clearing at least one metre of space in a perimeter around the exterior unit. That will keep excesses of dust entering the unit. It will also ensure that your air conditioner is well ventilated, while it’s hard at work.

Finally, get a professional clean and service for your split air conditioner – just call the experts!

Good home maintenance and cleaning is important for all split air conditioners. But there’s only so much you can do on your own. That’s why it’s vital to get frequent air conditioner services, from professional technicians. If your air conditioner is working hard in summer, or in an especially dusty area, you should consider even more frequent services. Contact the experts for more advice.

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