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A new air conditioning system is quite a significant investment and there are many things that you must consider before committing to anything. With such an abundance of air conditioning products available throughout Brisbane, it is challenging to find one that is perfectly suited to your needs and the needs of your home or business. A lot of the time homeowners and business owners find themselves with ineffective or inefficient air conditioners, and this is usually due to their air conditioner being incompatible with their home or business. In fact, many homeowners are unaware that ducted air conditioning solutions are available for residential use as well as commercial applications. Often, ducted air conditioning systems offer superior efficiency and are more capable of cooling an entire home with their advanced zoning technology.

Here at Mercury Installations, we are well acquainted with ducted air conditioner technology and have a lot of experience supplying and installing ducted air conditioners across Brisbane. We usually recommend ducted air conditioning systems to homeowners and business owners who are looking for a more efficient air conditioning solutions, or want to cool each room of their home individually. The ducted air conditioners we supply at Mercury Installations use zoning technology, which enables you to control the areas of your home and business that are cooled, thereby reducing energy consumption and lessening your electricity bill. Because of this, ducted air conditioners are perfect for both commercial and residential use, despite many common misconceptions to the contrary. The team at Mercury Installations have had a great deal of experience working with ducted air conditioners and specialise in supplying and installing units that are specifically targeted at the needs of our clients. We take all the steps and precautions necessary to assess and meet your requirements, both with regard to efficiency and effectiveness.

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If you are considering upgrading your air conditioner to an efficient and economical ducted system, then contact Mercury Installations today. We are experts when it comes to ducted aircon in Brisbane and we are well positioned to provide you with a perfectly tailored ducted air conditioning solution. You can contact us on our website and even get a same-day quote, or you can call us and speak to our team of professionals today.

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Brisbane ducted air conditioning specialists

If you are looking for an air conditioning solution that allows you to control temperatures in different rooms, then ducted air conditioning systems installed by the professionals at Mercury Installations are the answer. With the ability to divide the area – whether it is your home or business – into "zones", ducted air conditioning allows you to turn the air con on and off in different rooms or spaces. Zoning allows you to turn the air conditioning on and off in certain areas of your home or business. The damper motors respond to the zone controller and open and close the flow of air accordingly. For example, a two storey home may have the bedrooms upstairs and the living area downstairs.

Depending on the structure of the home or business, zoning can reduce the size of the unit you need and therefore reduce installation costs and energy consumption. This provides you with massive savings on power bills and higher energy efficiency. In a ducted system, one part is placed in the ceiling or under the floor and the second part is placed on the ceiling or wall. Both these components are then connected through ducts, which service each zone in your home, individually.

Mercury Advantages

Enhanced efficiency and superior airflow are just two of the many advantages offered by ducted air conditioning systems. Amongst the other benefits, is the almost silent operation of all the ducted units we install; because the compressor unit is positioned outside your home’s interior, it is very unlikely that you will experience annoyingly loud operating noises. In addition to this, ducted air conditioning systems disperse cool air more effectively than many their wall-mounted counterparts and have the capacity to minimise the loss of cold air. With a ducted air conditioner from Mercury Installations, you get many advantages including the following:

Ducted air con: Brisbane wide advice and installation services

When you are selecting a certain model of ducted air conditioning for your Brisbane home or business, there are many factors that you need to take into consideration. This can be quite overwhelming if you do not have a lot of experience with air conditioners, or a lot of knowledge about the various features of your home that might impact a ducted air conditioning system. Fortunately, our team of experts here at Mercury Installations have been supplying and installing air conditioners for a long time, which means that they know exactly what to look for to ensure that you get the most suitable ducted air conditioner available.

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House construction and power supply

Before we make any recommendations or take any steps to install your ducted air conditioning system, our experts will assess the construction of your home and inspect its power supply. When assessing your home’s construction, we are primarily looking at what it is made of. Some building materials harbour cold air more than others and this means that certain homes will require a more customised approach to installation that others. For example, homes that are made mostly from timber are unlikely to keep cold air in to the same extent as homes that are constructed from concrete or blocks.

Likewise, the materials from which your home is made will determine where the ducts are installed. When our experts inspect your power supply however, our primary concern is safety. If your power supply is not equipped to support a ducted air conditioning system, we will need to arrange for appropriate improvements to be made. This will not only ensure that your air conditioner operates well, it will also ensure the safety of you and your family, from electrical hazards.

Insulation, doors and windows

Once we have discussed some of your options with you and decided upon a suitable unit, we can organise to install it at a time that suits you. We value our customers and will ensure that your property is cared for during the installation process. Our tradesmen are reliable and punctual, which means that you will not be left waiting for a late technician to arrive. During the installation, we welcome your input – we strive to meet all of your needs so if you have any questions or would like to seek clarification on any aspect of the process, we invite you to speak with our team.

Floor plan, structure of your home and the uses of each area

When our air conditioner technicians assess your home, they will note the floor plan, internal structure and use of each area, to ensure that your ducted air conditioner is installed in an ideal manner. When inspecting the floor plan of your home, we will look at the number of rooms, ceiling height and floor space in order to gain a clear idea of the size of the area your ducted air conditioner will be required to cool. Our professional technicians will then work out precisely what each room is used for, to determine the potential strain that is likely to be place on your air conditioning system. For example, kitchens and laundries often contain appliances that generate a considerable amount of heat, which means that your ducted air conditioner will need to be installed in a manner that accounts for the extra heat of these areas.

Your Questions Answered...

#1 How often do I need to get my ducted air conditioning system serviced?

Ideally, you should have your ducted air conditioner serviced annually by a qualified professional. Doing so will ensure that any potential issued are identified or even prevented, to keep your ducted air conditioner operating at its best.

#2 What are the advantages of a ducted system over a split system?

Ducted air conditioning systems offer unrivalled energy efficiency, because they allow you to heat and cool every room individually, from one unit. This means you can limit your air conditioner to one room if necessary, or cool your entire home at different temperature, thereby cutting your power bill dramatically.

#3 Why is my ducted air conditioner only working in one room?

Ducted air conditioners allow you to cool different rooms individually, so if your air con is only working in one room, it is possible that it is merely switched off in other rooms. Check your user manual for instructions on how to turn it on in various rooms and if the issue persists, contact us today at Mercury Installations.

#4 How can I tell if a ducted air conditioning system is right for me?

If you want to cool your entire home using one unit, a ducted air conditioner is perfect for you. Air conditioning your home in this way allows you to set each room at a temperature that’s comfortable for you, therefore allowing you to reduce energy consumption and cut your power bill.