Winter Is Coming! Time To Schedule Your Well Overdue Electrical Maintenance

Has it been a while since you last booked an electrician to take a look at your home? If so, don’t stress – you’re not alone. But you do need to act. Electrical maintenance is important for more reasons than we can explain here. And that’s simply because electricity is the vital component of almost everything we do. It’s how we stay warm, cool, connected and more. Like anything, electrical systems do need maintenance as well – they’re not simply a set and forget solution. So let’s dive in to some of the many reasons to get your electrical maintenance up to date.

First, let’s look at why electrical maintenance is so important in winter

Let’s just preface this by saying that electrical maintenance is important all year round – from summer to winter, and every season in between. But, having said that, there are a few things that make electrical maintenance especially important in winter. And chief among those is the humble heater. Any appliance with heating elements draw high currents. This includes everything from a clothes iron, to an electric stove. And while we use heat all year round, we rely on heavily during winter to keep us warm. So before you fire up the electric heaters, it’s important to make sure your electrical network is up to scratch.

How can electrical maintenance actually benefit you? For starters, it can lower your power bill

It’s all well and good to make sure your electrical network is in good nick, but what’s really in it for you? Where do we start! Electrical maintenance carries more benefits than we have time to list. It preserves the reliability of your home’s electricity supply, improves safety and much more. But one great benefit that doesn’t often get a mention is money. Electrical maintenance can actually save you money. Sure, you’ll need to foot the cost of an electrician. But when electrical systems operate smoothly, they use less power. And less power means less money going to your power bill at the end of the month!

Electrical maintenance is also vital to preserve the electrical safety of your home

Your power bill is one thing, but there’s really no way to put a price on safety. Electrical safety is paramount, and it’s about more than just avoiding an electrical shock. Electrical shocks are serious hazard, and electrical maintenance is the only way to avoid them. But electrical shocks caused by faulty wiring are actually less common than electrical fires caused by faulty wiring. Both can be fatal, and both have a simple fix: frequent and professional electrical maintenance. So look into it today!

What does electrical maintenance actually entail?

Electrical maintenance is a pretty broad term, and for those without a lot of electrical experience, it doesn’t mean a whole lot. So what is actually involved in electrical maintenance? Generally, that depends on the electrical configuration of your home. In older homes, electrical maintenance will involve a thorough inspection and upgrade of old and outdated electrical components. It also involves the installation of any safety measures that aren’t present. For newer homes, it means an extensive sweep of the electrical network throughout your home. This will include testing of your safety installations to ensure they’re in good and functional condition. That’s just an overview though – electrical maintenance really depends on your exact circumstances. Don’t worry though – your electrical specialist will take care of everything.

For an electrical maintenance job, always get professional help – never take a DIY approach!

Finally, we are onto our most important piece of advice: NEVER attempt electrical maintenance yourself. It’s extremely dangerous, and also illegal. Always leave electrical maintenance and repairs to licenced and qualified electricians. To get in touch with the experts, contact us today!

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