Why You Need Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning This Winter

Southeast Queensland enjoys quite a mild temperate climate; however, winter and summer are vastly different. In winter temperatures can drop below ten degrees Celsius, while in summer they can easily exceed thirty. As a result of this, air conditioning is almost a household staple. Most houses across Brisbane and Southeast Queensland have air conditioning installed.

Most people associate air conditioners with summer, although this is not always the case. Some air conditioners can heat your home in the same way that they cool it. These are called reverse cycle air conditioners.

Get heating and cooling in one unit with reverse cycle air conditioning

The principles behind reverse cycle air conditioning are quite simple. As the name would suggest, these units simply reverse their cooling process, to heat your room. The same thermodynamic principles are in operation—they are simply working in reverse. This means that in a single air conditioning unit, you have the ability to both heat and cool your house. In an area with seasonal differences like Southern Queensland, this is a powerful tool. It can enhance the comfort of your home, with the added benefits of convenience and energy efficiency.

Reverse cycle air conditioning is perfect for Brisbane

If you live in or around Brisbane, you will likely know that our temperatures are predominately hot. With characteristically warm weather during our long summers, many homes are somewhat unprepared for the coldest weeks of winter. However, with reverse cycle air conditioning, you will have all the warmth you need.

Energy efficiency

Reverse cycle air conditioning is one of the most energy efficient heating instruments at your disposal. Alternatives, such as electric heaters, have a heated component. This means that they consume a great deal of electricity. As a result, your power bills can very easily get blown out of proportion. Reverse cycle air conditioning, on the other hand, is remarkable energy efficient. Advances in technology have seen a number of high quality units enter the market. When installed correctly, these reverse cycle air conditioners can warm your home with ease.


Electric heaters and other such warming devices simply do not offer the same coverage as reverse cycle air conditioning. With those heaters, you will probably find yourself huddled around for warmth, as they just do not disperse heat effectively. Conversely, reverse cycle air conditioning provides you with even warmth. A reverse cycle air conditioner works to heat the air throughout your room while circulating the warmth. This means that the warm temperatures are sustained constantly and dispersed throughout the space around you. In effect, this creates a consistent pocket of warmth that can fill an entire room quite easily.


Finally, reverse cycle air conditioning is convenient. Sure, space heaters might be a cheap fix, but you have to find space to store them during the many months of summer. During this time, they often deteriorate and it is not uncommon for them to have broken down altogether by the time you need them next winter. With a reverse cycle air conditioner, you will have comfort throughout summer and winter, from a singular source. There is not need for you to find any storage space at all.

In addition to this, reverse cycle air conditioners are safer. Because they have a heating element, electric heaters are capable of causing a house fire. This means that they introduce a potential hazard into your home during the winter months. In contrast, reverse cycle air conditioning uses a safe means of distributing hot air. There is not a risk of a fire whatsoever. In fact, you can leave your reverse cycle air conditioning system on with no supervision, and remain confident that it will not cause any issues.

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