7 Tips to Make Your Air Conditioning System Run More Efficiently

When temperatures in Brisbane rise, our first instinct is to lower the air conditioning. But this isn’t the only way to experience cooler temperatures during our hotter months. Follow our advice to enjoy an air conditioning system that runs more efficiently and saves you money.

1.     Buy the right unit

A split system air conditioning unit that is too big can be just as bad as one that is too small. Before you purchase a unit, work out the square footage of the area you wish to cool. Once you know the size you need, choose one with the highest energy efficiency star rating that you can afford.

2.     Close the doors and windows

Open doors and windows allow warm air to circulate throughout a room, working against the air conditioner. Shutting doors to internal rooms also minimises the area that needs to be cooled.

Close curtains and blinds to prevent sunlight from warming the room. This is particularly important for south or west facing windows and during the hottest part of the day (usually between 11am and 3pm).

3.     Set the right temperature

You can cut 10 per cent from your cooling costs by raising the temperature on a split system air conditioning unit by 1 degree. Try to keep the temperature set at 24 degrees during the day, 25 degrees at night, and 27 degrees if you are not in the house.

4.     Use your ceiling fan

If 24 degrees seems too high, try using your ceiling fan to help circulate the cool air throughout the room.

5.     Clean your filter

A dirty air conditioning filter reduces the air flow output, making your unit work harder and less efficiently. Filters should be cleaned regularly, per the manufacturer’s instructions. Give your filters a good clean at the start of every summer and again every three months during times of frequent use.

Replace your filter when it begins to show signs of damages such as fraying or holes appearing.

6.     Seek professional maintenance

Getting regular inspections, services and repairs regularly will keep your air conditioning unit running at optimal performance; in fact, some manufacturing warranties include regular services as a condition. Hire a licensed air conditioning technician to service your air conditioning unit once a year and make any necessary repairs.

7.     Check your home for air leaks

Air leaks can account for 30% of your cooling costs. Make sure your doors and windows are sealed properly and that there are no gaps around your plumbing and wiring. An easy way to check is to hold a lit candle against non-flammable areas – if the flame flickers, it could mean an air leak.

If you’re considering installing a split system air conditioning unit, get in touch with Brisbane’s air conditioning experts at Mercury Installations.

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