How To Choose An Air Conditioner (2019 Guide)

Choosing an air conditioner is a big decision, but it’s one that will pay dividends. There are lots of different makes and models of air conditioner on the market, so making the right choice is important. But how do you do that? Start by taking a look at our 2019 guide on how to choose an air conditioner. With some research, careful thought, and expert advice, your choice of air conditioner will be perfect!

When you choose an air conditioner, price is important: do some early research and set a budget

Air conditioners come in different varieties to suit a wide range of budgets. You have everything from expensive commercial systems, to affordable residential systems on offer. Your choice will really depend on how much you’re prepared to spend. That’s where your early research is important. Preliminary research will give you an indication of which features you should expect for models within certain price ranges. A broad overview like that will help you set a budget; it shows you what you will need to pay to get the features you really want.

Work out which type of air conditioner you should choose: here’s how to do that

If you’ve already done some research on air conditioners, you’ve probably head terms like ‘split system,’ and ‘ducted.’ So what do they mean? Basically, those terms refer to the configuration of different air conditioners. Ducted units run though ceilings and even floor cavities, while split systems have an external unit that runs directly to an internal air conditioner. Split systems are far more common in residential settings. However, ducted units are starting to gain some popularity. Again, choosing between the two depends on how your home is set up, and what you really want from your air conditioner. Our advice: ask an expert!

Assess your space: how much space do you have to install the air conditioner you choose?

Another factor that will determine which air conditioner you choose is space. If you don’t have the ceiling space to pull off a ducted air conditioner, then a more space efficient split system is going to be a better choice. Likewise, if you have a lot of space, and big rooms to cool, then a ducted air conditioner will be more suitable. When it comes to choosing an air conditioner, you need to know exactly how much space you have, and how much space a prospective air conditioner requires.

Which brand of air conditioner should you choose? Here’s how to decide

Models are one thing, but air conditioner brands are another entirely! If you thought that there were plenty of models on the market, wait until you see how many brands there are. Like all products, some brands are better than others, and some more expensive than others. That means that choosing an air conditioner brand involves looking at what you want in terms of features, and how much you’re prepared to spend. There are a few brands that generally stand out from the others in quality, so we recommend starting with them. They have pretty extensive ranges, so chances are there is something that will suit you.

Finally, ask the experts: air conditioners are complex systems and expert advice is vital

This is probably our most important tip on how to choose an air conditioner: ask the experts! Air conditioners are complex and so is their installation process. Working out things like space, fitting, and configuration all require an expert eye. So if you’re ready to get a new air conditioner for your home, get some qualified and licenced technicians around to measure it all up. You might be surprised by what they pick up on!

Get great advice on how to choose an air conditioner; contact us!

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