How Much Does An Air Conditioner Cost To Run In Brisbane?

They’re hideously expensive, noisy and damaging to the environment, right? Wrong. So how much does an air conditioner really cost to run? Let’s take a look at the modern reality.

How much does modern air conditioning cost to run?

Modern air conditioners are whisper-quiet, energy-efficient and blend right in with the sleek decor of your home. Best of all, even the largest energy-efficient air conditioners cost an average of just a few dollars a week to run.

The bad old days of air conditioning are over

Technological innovation has come a long way since the old days of the huge, brown clunkers in the wall that sucked the cash right out of your wallet every time you turned them on. Worse still, the old air conditioning units would make such a dreadful racket when you turned them on that they’d drown out everything else – the television, conversation, the kids fighting… actually, maybe that’s not so bad!

How much does a split air conditioner cost to run?

Enjoying a cool living room during the hot summer months needn’t cost you the earth. Running a split air conditioner in an average-sized living room costs around a tiny $74.00 for an entire year, provided you make sure to invest in at least a 3-star energy rated air conditioner.

How much does ducted air conditioning cost to run?

Want to cool your entire house? The great thing about ducted air conditioning is that it can be set up to be used in every single room. You won’t feel like you have to sleep in the living room just to stay cool!

To cool your entire house with high efficiency, zoned ducted air conditioning, the price tag is as low as just $262.00 in annual energy costs.

Tips to reduce the cost of running your air conditioner in the sweltering heat

The cost of running your air conditioner will be further reduced if you follow a few simple tips to keep costs down.

Check the star efficiency rating

Think you can’t afford an energy efficient air conditioner? The price you pay to get the air conditioning unit installed is only half the story – and possibly the cheaper half! You might save money on the purchase price, but how much extra will you be paying in the years to come in higher energy costs?

The Australian Government’s energy rating system makes buying energy efficient air conditioning easy. It’s simple – the more stars you see on the product label, the more energy efficient it is!

Studies show that you can save an extra 20 per cent on your annual energy costs simply by choosing to buy a 5-star rated air conditioner instead of a 2.5-star rated air conditioner.

Want more detail? You can calculate exactly how much your air conditioning is likely to cost to run each year by looking more closely at the label. Below the stars you’ll see ‘Energy consumption kWh per year’ and a number. That number tells you how much energy you’ll be paying for each year with normal usage of the air conditioning unit. You can multiply this number by the price per kWh you see on your energy bill to find out the price in dollars.

Set optimum temperatures correctly

For optimum energy saving during the summer heat, set your air conditioning at 24 degrees. If you want your house to be cooler, that’s fine, but remember that you’ll pay an extra 10 per cent in energy costs for every degree below 24 degrees.

Use zoning to keep costs down

Ducted air conditioning is the perfect way to cool down your entire house. However, you don’t use the same parts of your house all day – most people use their living areas during the day and bedrooms at night. Installing ducted air conditioning that has a zoning capability can save you around 25 per cent in average cooling costs each year!

Keep the cool air inside your house!

You don’t want to be paying to cool down your entire street, right? Keep the cool air where you want it – inside – by keeping your windows and doors shut while it’s on. If you’re using ducted air conditioning that has a zoning function, consider closing the doors of the rooms that aren’t being cooled. Otherwise your air conditioner will have to work harder to cool the rooms it’s supposed be cooling, because the cool air will keep escaping!

On really hot days, you can reduce your energy costs by closing blinds and curtains. You’d be surprised how much the sweltering sun beating down on the glass windows can heat up your house!

Looking at renovating or building a new house? Make sure you invest in quality insulation for your walls and roof. This will help keep your house the temperature you want it to be – cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Contact us today to find out which air conditioning unit is best for your cooling needs and beat the heat this summer!

How much does an air conditioner cost to run? It’s actually less than you think. If you need more information, call the experts at Mercury Services.

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