Getting Into the Swing of Summer? Why You Need Electricians

Are you starting to feel the heat of a classic Queensland summer? Don’t worry – there are a few things you can do to gear up for the heat. It’s quite amazing to think about the effect that the weather has on your home’s electrical systems.

With your air conditioner working harder to compete with the hot weather, it is important that all you electrical systems are well equipped. The extra strain of higher than average electrical consumption can really test your homes electrical installations.

To make sure that you don’t get caught out, it is always a good idea to have an electrician look over your home. Electrician work is something that simply cannot be done by anyone. In fact, it is illegal for anyone but a licensed electrician to undertake electrical work in Australia. So remember – if its electrical, contact a specialist.

The importance of booking ahead

In Queensland, summer is the peak period for electricians. Air conditioners are blasting and many homeowners are set on having their air conditioner repaired or replaced. With such heightened demand, it is not uncommon for a backlog to emerge among electricians. To avoid finding yourself on the waiting list, it is always a good idea to plan ahead.

If you think that your air conditioner might have seen its last summer, or you would like to cut down on your energy bill, then contact an electrician as soon as possible. Being prepared will save you a great deal of discomfort on a hot summer’s day.

What can an electrician do for you?

An electrician’s role might seem quite obvious. However, there are many things that your electrician can do to improve your home. From routine maintenance, to cutting down your energy bill, here’s what your electrician can do for you.

Standard maintenance

Standard maintenance is perhaps one of the most prominent roles of an electrician. Because of the regulations and hazards surrounding electrical work, electricians are required for even the smallest of electrical jobs. Electrical maintenance is very important and you should aim to have your home’s electrical systems checked regularly. Contacting an electrician to do this will improve both the reliability and electrical safety of your home. This means that with only a little maintenance, your home will be running smoothly and comfortably on even the hottest of summer days.

Protecting your electrical systems

In Queensland, summer means more than just hot temperatures. Storms are especially common during summertime and they can cause untold damage to your electrical installations. Lightning carries immense electrical energy and if it strikes within a certain proximity of your home, then it can be devastating. The large surge in power that occurs in the event of a lightning strike is enough to burn the electrical components of your appliances. Fortunately, electricians can install surge protection in your home, which will save you the costly replacement of damaged electrical goods, should a storm hit you.


Finally, electricians are vital when it comes to installing electrical goods. From air conditioners to ovens, electricians have the tools, knowledge and experience to install your appliances safely. In fact, air conditioner installation specialists often work in conjunction with electricians to ensure that the installation of your air conditioner is safe. This highlights the importance of hiring an electrician for all electrical installations.

Attempting to install certain appliances without the correct qualifications is not only dangerous, but also illegal. So avoid hazard and hassle this summer, by contacting a qualified and licenced electrician to look over your home. It can save you a great deal in the long run and keep your home confortable and energy efficient.

For all your electrical needs this summer, get in touch with Mercury Installations today on (07) 3312 4244.

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