Five Signs Your Commercial Air Conditioning Needs a Service!

Just like every other mechanical system, your commercial air conditioning needs regular servicing. Summer is just around the corner, and the last thing you need is your business’s air conditioning system breaking down or becoming a health risk. The cost to your business’s finances and reputation could be catastrophic.

How to tell if your system needs a service

Here are five sure signs your air con is in dire need of servicing.

1. Weird sounds

If your air conditioning system is making weird sounds like squealing, grinding, grating or clunking, you should definitely call in a technician to take a look. An unusually loud machine could mean that the fan has stopped working or one of the parts inside your machine has become loose or clogged with dirt. Don’t wait for your system to stop working on its own – turn it off yourself immediately. It could become dangerous to your staff or customers.

2. Funky smells

Funky smells are another sign that something could be wrong with your air conditioner. Smells could indicate that your air conditioner’s filter needs replacing, or that you have a serious wiring problem. Sometimes a really bad smell can mean an animal has crawled inside your unit and died. You really can’t let these problems snowball into a much larger issue – get a technician out to have a look at it as soon as possible.

3. Obvious changes in temperature

Your air conditioner is supposed to provide consistent temperatures at the settings you’ve chosen. When one room is much cooler than another, or you expect rooms to be much cooler than they are, your air conditioner needs a service. You could have a failing compressor or a faulty thermostat, and these need to be checked out by a qualified technician.

4. Leaking and water damage

You must always pay attention to any leaks around your air conditioner, as these could be indicators of serious issues. Pools of water could be due to a clogged drainage tube and this needs to be addressed quickly. Ice and frost accumulating on your unit could be due to a refrigeration liquid leak, and this is a more complex issue. A technician is always your best bet.

5. Your electricity bills are suddenly sky high

Although you expect your electricity bill to be somewhat higher in the hotter summer months, higher than expected bills could be due to an air conditioning issue. You should think about doing an energy audit or at least asking a technician to check your unit out.

Why is servicing so important?

Regularly servicing your commercial air conditioning unit is important for maintaining its efficiency and saving you and your business money in the long run. Regular servicing can also help you in replacing faulty parts sooner and ensuring that your unit lasts you longer, saving you money. One of the most important aspects of air conditioning servicing is changing air filters and cleaning condensing coils. Clogged filters and coils carry dust and can be breeding grounds for harmful bacterial, which would definitely be a health risk for your staff and customers.

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