Ducted Gas Heating | Is It Cheaper For Your Home?

Ducted gas heating is not the most common heating arrangement in Australia. Generally, you’ll find ducted gas systems overseas, where winter temperatures are much lower. Nevertheless, ducted gas heating does have a steady local following. And it’s easy to see why. There are a lot of advantages to ducted gas heating. Cost is one of them, and with electricity prices so high, price is a definite plus! But, as with everything, there’s a balance of pros and cons. So let’s investigate further, and work out whether ducted gas heating is right for you.

Generally, ducted gas heating is cheaper to operate than electrical ducted systems

The first point to note is also the strongest: price. Ducted gas heating is, as a general rule, cheaper than ducted electrical systems. A lot of ducted electrical heating systems work to heat an entire home, rather than specific points in a home. That means power can be expended unnecessarily. Often, similar systems are in place with ducted gas heating. However, the price associated with inefficiency is usually lower when it comes to gas, as opposed to electricity. However, technology is improving in terms of electrical systems. Now, there are highly efficient electrical ducted systems on offer. Those systems come with such features as zoning, which allows them to focus their energy consumption on areas of the home that are in use.

What are some drawbacks of ducted gas heating?

Like anything, ducted gas heating isn’t perfect. There are some elements of ducted gas systems that could use improvement. For example, ducted gas systems lose a lot of heat through dissipation. Rather than concentrating the heat in the intended areas, ducted gas heating does have a tendency to lose a little in transit, so to speak. The plumbing systems that facilitate gas heating do include metal pipes, which can prematurely transfer heat into the atmosphere. That means ducted gas heating doesn’t always offer optimal efficiency.

What are some drawbacks of ducted electrical heating?

Like ducted gas heating, ducted electrical heating isn’t perfect either. It does offer efficient transfer of heat, with less heat being lost prematurely. But it also expends unnecessary energy heating vacant rooms. A lot of electrical ducted systems adopt a sort of ‘one size fits all approach.’ However, that is changing. If you speak with the experts, they’ll tell you that new ducted electrical heating systems focus on specific zones. In doing so, they deliver the same comfort with less energy expended.

There is a cheaper alternative to ducted gas heating: split systems. Here’s why

It’s important to remember that your choice isn’t between ducted electrical systems and ducted gas heating alone. There are other choices too! Most notably, there’s split system electrical heating. Split system electrical heating assigns one unit to each selected room. That is in contrast to ducted systems, which employ one unit for all rooms. Split systems are generally the most efficient. They don’t have to work as hard to heat larger spaces, as they’re only assigned to one room. They also don’t need to operate when there’s no one in the relevant room. Combined, those factors make split systems very energy efficient.

So should you opt for ducted gas heating in your home? It depends on a few things

With all that in mind, how do you make the choice? Choosing between ducted gas heating, and its electrical counterparts takes some consideration. It also requires a careful assessment of your needs specifically. That’s why it’s best to speak with the experts. They will be able to fill you in on the best way to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to heating!

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