Ducted Air Conditioning Buying Guide

A complete ducted solution is the ultimate way to create consistent and affordable climate controlled comfort throughout your home, all year round. They also are the superior air conditioning option for office buildings or other commercial businesses creating consistent air flow throughout, or the option to create different zones to restrict flow.

There are however some things to consider ensuring you get a ducted air conditioning system to best suit the needs of your lifestyle, family, home design and budget. The Mercury Installations team explain some important factors to assess before selecting a ducted system below.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Ducted Air Conditioning

– The roof pitch and size. If there is limited space in the ceiling there are slim line systems that are available. Some building designs will mean a more complex installation is needed.

– Do you need a reverse cycle system that will heat the home in winter?

– Capacity size (the cooling output of the system) influences the price you will pay for the equipment. However a smaller system may end up costing more to properly cool your home. Always take the advice of your air conditioning installation expert to get the right sized system for your home. Smaller apartments will find a smaller 4.2kW system is sufficient, where larger homes and businesses may need a system in the 10-15kW range.

– Inverter systems are good for businesses where the air conditioning is on all day since they consume less energy to maintain the desired temperature once the temperature has been reached.

– It’s important to consider the area of your home you want cooled and whether a single or mulit split system might be better for your budget.

– There are systems to suit different budgets. Depending on the number of zones and outlets you require will influence the price. It’s always important to weigh up a higher initial cost that will have reduced operating costs over the long term.

The Importance of Quality Duct Work

Ductwork needs to be of a good quality and designed well including with the best insulation properties and fire proof. Undersized or poorly designed ductwork may save money now, but can lead to inefficient or noisy systems.

The benefits of ducted systems

– The best system for comprehensive heating and cooling of an entire building. Is much more efficient and effective than hanging multiple split systems in each room.

– Zoning options to control different areas of the building to be cooled at the one time meaning no unnecessary cooling

– A more even distribution around the home compared to split systems.

– Discreet, quieter and no ugly wall mounted units. Choose from a number of different air diffuser styles

At Mercury Installations, we are the specialists in the right installation of comprehensive ducted air conditioning solutions around Brisbane. We can look at your building plans to design the most efficient, effective and affordable system that will provide ultimate climate controlled comfort throughout your home or business.

Call us today on (07) 3312 4244 for an obligation free same day quote for a ducted air conditioning system for your home or business.

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