5 Ways To Keep Warm This Winter

Brisbane winters seem to catch a lot of people by surprise. The heat of summer leaves us all itching for some winter temperatures, but they often arrive without warning. This leaves homeowners across Brisbane looking for new ways to keep warm in winter. Most Brisbane homes are not equipped with central heating or other such heating measures. This means that as Queenslanders, we often feel the sting of winter a little more than others. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy ways to keep warm this winter!

Let the Sunlight in

Although our winters can get cold, the sun still packs a punch in southeast Queensland. So why not make the most of it? If you have curtains or blinds, then try letting them up during the day. You might not realise it, but even indirect sunlight can warm your home significantly. The best part is: it’s free! Sunlight creates radiant heat that can spread throughout your home quite easily. Usually, before midday, your home will be at a comfortable temperature. This can extend into the evening as well, which takes the cold sting out of that twilight period.

Make Sure your Home is Properly Insulated

When you think of insulation in Brisbane, you are probably thinking about keeping that cold air in during summer. But insulation works both ways. If your home is well insulated, then it will keep the heat in for much longer. This makes the sunlight method of heating even more effective. Insulation is designed to maintain a comfortable living temperature for your home, whether it is cold or hot. That means that properly insulating your home will be beneficial during both summer and winter. So get on board and have a look at your insulation options today.

Find Gaps that are Letting the Breeze in and Block Them

Breezes and draughts can make it seem ten degrees colder sometimes. The worst part is that you often don’t even know where they come from. Southeast Queensland is home to many old homes, including the iconic Queenslander. These homes are fantastic in summer, but in winter they do have the potential to let in the breezes. Most of the time, these breezes come in under doors, or through windows that don’t shut completely. In other cases, draughts can even come up through the floorboards.

If you identify the source of these draughts, then you can solve the problem quite easily. Simply placing a long, cylindrical bean bag at the bottom of any door will stop air coming through the gap. These bean bags are designed specifically for this, and you can buy them from most homewares stores.

Bring Out the Blankets

This is probably the most obvious solution, but it is easily overlooked. By bringing out the blankets in your home, you can enjoy comfort and cosiness. Try spreading the blankets throughout the various rooms of your home, so they are always accessible. A few on the couch and some in the living room will ensure that you and your family are always warm!

The Best Way to Keep Warm this Winter is With a Ducted System from Mercury Installations

All of these solutions are fantastic, but none are quite as effective as a ducted system from Mercury Installations. These ducted air conditioners allow you to completely control the temperature of each room individually. From one control point, you will be able to set temperatures as you prefer them. This means you can enjoy complete comfort, at all times. To save electricity, simply turn off the air conditioning in the rooms you aren’t using. Then, with complete ease, you can turn them back on again as you need them.

For the best ducted air conditioning solutions to keep warm this winter, get in touch with Mercury Installations on (07) 3312 4244.

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