What air conditioner do I need?

Getting the right air conditioning might seem as simple as going to a shop, asking for prices and getting the one that seems like the best fit considering your budget. However there is more into choosing the right air conditioner. Size, for starters, is very important. You might think that the bigger the size the better or that it merely depends on the size of the room. For this reason in today’s news article we will share with you four important factors to help you get the right air conditioner for your Brisbane home or office.


Having a house or office with insulation will have an impact when using an air conditioner. Insulation will help keep the house cool during summer and warm during winter. The efficiency of the air conditioning system will be different, in a positive way, by the insulation. However you need to keep in mind that the location of the insulation is also an important factor. When you contact a professional make sure he has all that information.

Local Climate

Every location has a different climate, and you and your chosen technician should take this into consideration when calculating the air conditioning system. For example a home in Sunshine Coast will be subjected to different climate than a home in Brisbane.

Exposure to heat

The size of the rooms and windows has a big influence on the amount of heat created in a house. If the rooms or windows are small, the heat entering the house will be different than if they are bigger.

Home Design

Finally to properly size your air conditioner, make sure you take into account the size and design of your home or office. For example if you have a two story home or rooms with ceilings, you will require different air conditioning systems than a one story home.

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