Tips for choosing an electrician


Electrical work needs to be completed by a licensed electrician, and choosing the right tradesman will ensure that your building is both safe and functional. How then, do you choose an electrician, who will perform their job well and leave you with a satisfied smile on your face? Here are some of our best tips for choosing a quality electrician.

Check their license

Electrical work can very dangerous if it is completed by an amateur, even if they take pride in their work. Electricians are highly sought after because the average person cannot simply ‘give their job a go’. Even experienced home handymen who like to tackle all of their own projects, will usually need to hire a professional electrician at times. When you choose an electrician ask to see their license, ensure that it is still current and avoid hiring the help of family or friends who claim they are experienced but do not have the legal qualifications.

Check their insurance

Just like you should check their license, you should check your electrician’s insurance also, to ensure that it is current, and that it covers them to complete projects like the ones you have. Although this step might be easy to miss, what will you do if your electrician’s work is not up to scratch and they do not have insurance to cover their professional mishaps?

Confirm qualifications and experience

Not all electricians are the same. Some specialise in different types of work, including residential, industrial, commercial, fire safety, auto electrical and or marine electrical. With so many different areas to know about, the electrician will need to be experienced in the exact area you need them for. Ask questions about their qualifications and the levels of experience they have.

Expect great communication

All tradesmen need to be great communicators and an electrician you employ should demonstrate superior communication skills as soon as you first contact them. Communication that is high quality will prevent problems and misunderstandings throughout the job, and you will have peace of mind that you have chosen the right person to take care of your project.

A realistic price

While good electricians need to be paid appropriately for their work, phone around and get a few different quotes first and understand what a realistic price for your project should be. Avoid paying too much for a job if you do not have to.

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