Surge Protection this Storm Season in Brisbane


A single lightning strike or nearby storm activity is all that it can take to fry your appliances completely from the inside out. As storm season has already started with some significant electrical storms already here in Brisbane, it is well worth worth investing in protection, especially for your valuable equipment like Smart TVs, or computers.

Mercury Installation’s licensed electricians in North Brisbane can look after your domestic electrical needs including surge protection, lighting, and safety switch installations and we explain how surges occur, and what can be done to protect your electrical equipment in this post.

What are surges and spikes?

Storms, lighting and sometimes just turning on the power switch of an appliance can cause a spike in electricity voltage that is delivered. If the voltage level is very high, this can fry your appliance and have the potential to start a fire. Lightning is the biggest risk factor, and it’s advisable to unplug all electrical equipment when there is an electrical storm close by. Sometimes if you are not home, this is not possible, and this is where surge protection can be a lifesaver.

What appliances are most at risk?

Televisions, stereos, computers, microwaves and fax machines are most at risk although surges can damage all electrical appliances – even more expensive ones like fridges, washing machines and air conditioners can be affected.  Surge protection for communication equipment like fax or computers is particularly important since surges can travel through telephone lines.


What can be done?

There are different levels of surge protection that are available, portable surge protection powerboards can be used to plug items into. Some of these can only be used once. It’s important to consider if these also have telephone protection included.

Power point surge protection is also available, along with modules that can be fitted to your main switchboard by an electrician. These indicate if a surge has occurred and are more reliable and offer a greater protection than power boards.

They say that lightning doesn’t ever strike in the same place twice, but it doesn’t need to. Just one lightning strike can be enough to destroy your valuable electronic equipment in seconds. For peace of mind that your appliances are protected call Greg at Mercury Installations today to install surge protection in your Brisbane home.

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