Split System Air Conditioner Leaking Water Inside: What Should You do?

Split System Air Conditioner Leaking Water Inside

Air conditioners are present in almost every home across Brisbane and there is a very good reason for this. The heat of summer and cold of winter necessitates a reliable air conditioning system and split system units are amongst the most popular for domestic applications. Split systems can effectively heat or cool single rooms or living spaces and generally improve the comfort and liveability of your home however occasionally, poorly functioning air conditioners can have a negative affect on your home. Perhaps the most common problem faced by homeowners is “split system air conditioner leaking water inside?”. This raises the very important and sometimes urgent question of what to do in such a situation?

Contact an expert if the problem persists

Your most reliable and consistent port of call when it comes to rectifying a leaking air conditioner is, of course, an expert. Air conditioners are quite complex systems and attempting to fix one without the right skills, experience or equipment will often make the problem worse. Air conditioners can be quite expensive and for this reason, it is important that you leave any complex repair work to a specialist technician, as this will ensure that your air conditioner receives the care and attention that it needs.

Furthermore, there are actually some safety hazards that you ought to be aware of with a malfunctioning air conditioner – particularly one that is leaking. Split system air conditioners are connected to your homes power supply and as you can imagine, water and electricity do not go well together. Attempting a complex repair job on an air conditioning unit that is leaking water poses a direct threat to your safety and this is another reason why you should leave it to an expert.

What are some common causes for split system air conditioners leaking water?

Despite the importance of contracting a qualified air conditioner technician to fix your leaking system, there are a few basic measures you can take to try and address a leak before and after it happens.

1. General maintenance

The most important thing you can do to avoid having a leaky air conditioner is to maintain it. Air conditioners, like any other appliance, do require some basic maintenance and this generally includes cleaning the air filters and making sure there is no obvious build up of dirt or dust on your unit. Doing this can help prevent blockages and ultimately aid in keeping your air conditioner running at optimal efficiency.

2. Check the condensation drain for build-up

Often, split system air conditioners begin to leak when it comes into summer and this is particularly common with reverse cycle air conditioners. If you have a reverse cycle air conditioner, you might be aware that condensation drains from your unit through a small pipe near the outdoor unit of your split system air conditioner. This is called a condensation drain and it drains water from your air conditioner during summer, when the system is being used to cool your home. During winter, however, your system will be reversed to warm your home and condensation will consequently drain from beneath the outdoor condenser unit. This means that during winter, the condensation drain can become blocked with mould or dirt, causing your air conditioner to leak inside.

3. Check for nesting pests

Another thing that might have blocked the drainage points of your air conditioner is nesting pests. Wasps, geckos and other such critters often build their nests in small, protected areas and it is not uncommon for them to do so in air conditioners. This is a relatively easy fix, as you can simply clean the nest from the drainage site and hopefully, your air conditioner leak will cease.

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