Is your home switched onto safety?

Each year more around 15 people in Australia are electrocuted by home electrical systems, many of them able to be prevented through the installation of safety switches on all circuits. In Queensland safety switches have been mandatory in all homes built since 1992, but many Brisbane switchboards still do not have safety switches installed. As the leading team of electricians in North Brisbane, Mercury Installations explain the responsibilities for homeowners when it comes to installing safety switches in Brisbane in our latest post.

Why do I need a safety switch?

Put simply, safety switches saves lives and are your insurance against electric shock. They are not an optional add on for new homes – they are required by law. Faulty appliances and damaged electrical cables can cause dangerous electrical currents and safety switches can step in when by limiting the supply of electricity when a harmful level is detected.

What is the difference between a safety switch and a circuit breaker?

Circuit breakers protect property and electrical equipment whereas safety switches protect people. They are also sometimes confused with surge protection devices which prevent damage to electrical equipment caused by excess voltage travelling through wiring as a result of lighting.

How do I know if I have a safety switch already installed?

Safety switches can be easily identified on your home switchboard by looking for a button with a ‘T’ or the word ‘test.’ They are often blue coloured.

A few other thing to know about safety switches:

•    Safety switches should be tested around every three months. A good way to remember doing this is to push the test button every time you receive a quarterly electricity bill. If the power trips, the switch is doing it’s job, if not call an electrical contractor to inspect it.
•    All rental homes are required to have safety switches installed as are homes which are being sold which require safety switches within 3 months of the settlement date. Visit the Queensland Government’s electrical office webpage for more info
•    Safety switches can only be fitted by a licensed electrical contractor. It is ILLEGAL and potentially fatal to attempt to do so yourself.

Is your home safety switch equipped?  If not don’t wait. Their price is very affordable for the level of protection they provide so call Mercury Services today on (07) 3312 4244, your trusted north Brisbane air conditioning and electrical contractors.