Placement Options For Commercial Air Conditioning

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Do you need a commercial air conditioning unit for your Brisbane based business, but aren’t sure what type will best suit your office? We’ve got you covered! Figuring out where your unit will fit best is difficult, since there is so much to consider. Should you get a rooftop package, or install your unit under the ceiling? Should you get a single split or a multiple split? We’ve got some tips to help you decide what will best suit your business’s needs.

Types of unit available

When thinking about your commercial air conditioning system, you have to take into account the dimensions of your business, seating plans and major hotspots. You’ll want to ensure that your business receives the right levels of cool and warm air throughout the year, and that the working environment is comfortable.

Wall mounted

Wall mounted air conditioners are the most common style of unit for commercial properties, and also the most cost effective. They are easy to retrofit into offices, so you won’t need to do any redecorating. These units are long and thin, and are placed strategically at a high level on the wall so that the whole office or workshop enjoys the air flow. You may need multiple split units for larger spaces, especially in the heat of a Brisbane summer. A split system is where multiple indoor units are connected to one outdoor unit. It’s more efficient overall.

Ceiling cassette

Ceiling cassettes are slightly more expensive than wall units because they’re almost entirely hidden in a suspended ceiling, but the advantages can be worth the outlay. They’re discreet, for starters, and provide four-way air flow. They’re ideal for large offices where you need balanced airflow for a number of areas. You can get single, twin or triple sets, or even multiple sets to suit your space.

Ducted air con

With ducts and internal units entirely hidden, ducted air conditioners are generally the best looking units. They are also the most expensive, but are the best option if you have a large commercial space. If you think this unit would be the best fit for your business, think about the type of ceiling you have. Ducted systems can be retrofitted if you have a suspended ceiling, meaning that your business will suffer the least amount of downtime. If you don’t, they’re best undertaken as part of a building project.

Under ceiling

This is basically a wall mounted system, only placed on the ceiling. They’re perfect if there is limited wall space and provide excellent coverage, especially for cooling – which tends to be more important than heating for most commercial air conditioning in Brisbane businesses.

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