NEWS: Delays Expected for Air Conditioning Installation

Mercury Installations

Looking to have an air conditioning unit installed this summer? Take our advice and book that installation NOW, before that first wave of intense summer heat sweeps Brisbane and everyone hops on the bandwagon. You definitely don’t want to face that humidity without an air conditioner.

Don’t sweat it

If your air conditioner barely made it through last summer’s scorching heat, the right time to buy and install your air conditioning unit would have been in autumn or winter. Demand is way down, then, with no one really thinking about the hot months ahead. Your contractor wouldn’t have been tied up with everyone else, so you’d have had freedom of choice. The units and the installation fees would probably also have been on sale—who doesn’t like a bargain? Finally, the air conditioning needs of muggy, humid Brisbane summers require different methods for sizing and equipment selection than the arid summers of other parts of Queensland. Coastal regions near the ocean also have issues with corrosion from salt spray. Planning the installation for autumn or winter gives you the most amount of time to do proper research, while also consulting with us on what your specific needs are. You’re able to weigh up all the options and decide which unit will be the best fit for your household.
Still, if you missed the autumn and winter lull, spring is still a good time to install your air conditioning unit. You just need to be on the ball and book that appointment as quickly as possible. The sooner, the better!

I can handle it!

Too often, people wait until their old air conditioner has completely given up the ghost before thinking about buying another unit. Thanks to Murphy’s Law, this will probably be smack-bang in the middle of Brisbane’s insane summer heat. While you and your family are slowly roasting in the sweatbox that is now your house, you won’t have the time to consider your options and do the proper research. If you wait until summer, you should expect lengthy delays along with all the other folks subjected to Murphy and his Law. There are no two ways about it. Air conditioning installation is in higher demand in summer, meaning your contractor probably won’t be able to schedule your installation in immediately. The unit you want may also be out of stock, so you’ll have to wait twice as long for the manufacturer to get one in for you. Buy the unit and book your installation in now and spare yourself the days or weeks of suffering through oppressive heat.

Call Mercury Services and get the ball rolling today!

Give us at Mercury Services a call on 07 3312 4244 today—get your air conditioning installation sorted before the summer rush. You’ll be so glad you did.