Air Conditioning and Life As We Know It

air conditioners

Life before Air Con– Would you really want to go back?

People sometimes raise the argument of the necessity of air conditioning when mankind survived for hundreds of years perfectly fine without it. While this might have been the case, it’s not to say we all survived perfectly fine without air conditioning. Air conditioning provides much needed relief by shielding the elderly and young children who are most at risk from complications caused from severe temperatures. A clean air conditioning system can also improve the air quality and recycling air can help to exclude allergens in the air – including pollen and dust particles.

Air Conditioning facilitates growth of new industries                  

We may have survived without air conditioning, but that’s doesn’t mean it wasn’t one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century. Air conditioning facilitated the growth of the pharmaceutical industries allowing the storing of medication in climate controlled areas. It also revolutionised the food storage industries allowing storage of foods at regulated temperatures. Air conditioning technology allowed climate controlled air travel and helped keep computer systems cool. The entire IT industry might not have developed as it did without the cooling technologies pioneered by air conditioning technology.

Air Conditioning has even allowed people in regions of the world that were previously considered uninhabitable. Another example closer to home is Summertime movie blockbusters in cinemas – something that’s difficult to imagine without air conditioned comfort.  These are just a few examples of how air conditioning facilitated the growth of industry, the economy and jobs.

Yes, but do we rely on air conditioning too much?

Sure some of us may turn of the air conditioner when opening a window would do, and there’s some weight to the idea that as a society we’re too reliant on air conditioning and need to look at strategies to cut usage and save energy. But try telling that to people here in Australia where we just experienced our hottest summer on record.

And whether you believe the science or not,  temperatures continue to rise each year, meaning the future of Australia is going to look very different to what the climate looked like over 100 years ago before air conditioning was invented. As technologies develop air conditioning units are becoming smarter, more efficient and are now a technology that quite frankly society couldn’t live without.

Since staying cool leads to a better quality of life, with another scorching summer forecast especially here in humid Queensland, our busy lives mean of all places we should be able to be comfortable at the end of a long day it’s in our own homes!

Do you want really want to sweat through another hot uncomfortable summer without having access to air conditioning, mankind’s most effective way to keep cool?

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