Key Considerations for Using Air Conditioning in the Bedroom

Bedroom Air Con

Even at night, summer in Brisbane can be unbearable. Don’t spend another summer tossing and turning in the sticky heat – install air conditioning in your bedroom and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Bedroom air conditioning doesn’t just make life more pleasant. There are further health benefits, such as providing ventilation and air flow, and removing humidity from the air for people with respiratory problems. Most importantly, research has proven that air conditioning can reduce the risk of overheating in infants and the elderly during Brisbane’s hotter months.

But choosing an air conditioning unit for your bedroom isn’t the same as choosing air conditioning for the rest of your house. Here are some considerations for picking a unit.

The Right Size

As we’ve discussed earlier, getting a unit that is too big for the room can be just as ineffective as getting one that is too small. Before you start looking at units, measure your bedroom to determine its size in square metres. Once you know that, you can use this guide to pick a size:

30 square metres – 2.8 kilowatt system

40 square metres – 4.2 kilowatt system

50 square metres – 5.6 kilowatt system

60 square metres – 7.0 kilowatt system

The Right Location

Above your bed might seem like a logical place for your unit but this is not always the case. Placing the unit above your bed will result in ‘cool air dump’, i.e. the cool air will blow directly on you, which can make some people uncomfortably cold. It can also result in summer colds.

Most people find that the ideal position is above the bed on the left or right hand side. This will result in the air running parallel to the bed and circulating around the room without blowing directly on you while you are sleeping.

Other Considerations

The best air conditioning unit in the world won’t help you sleep if it’s too noisy. By law, air conditioners in Queensland must be labelled with a Sound Power level before they are sold. The level is measure in decibels, so the higher the Sound Power level, the louder the system will be. Look for a low Sound Power rating, especially if you are a light sleeper or particularly sensitive to noise.

If you’re concerned about the power usage involved with having an air conditioner running all night or worry that you might get too cold, many units come with a night set mode. This uses a timer to shut down the power at a pre-determined time. Some even lower the temperature gradually so that you won’t feel a sudden decline in temperature.

If you’d like to know more about choosing or installing an air conditioning unit for your bedroom, call Mercury Installations Brisbane on (07) 3312 4244.