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Save your energy and your money in 2013

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Well it is 2013 and it is definitely the season for air conditioning. Being an electrician in Brisbane, we are run off our feet with installations across the region. However we are never too busy to offer you some advice, so the following information is all about saving you money! These are our simple tips to help you boost your energy efficiency this summer.

Use ceiling fans and save

By using your ceiling fans as well as your air conditioning system you can actually save money. Because room conditions are affected by humidity, air movement and temperature; fan use can actually reduce your air conditioning requirements. The fans force the air to move around the room and the temperature drops as a consequence. By using ceiling fans you can actually set your air conditioning unit about 5 degrees higher and remain comfortable.

Maintenance will save your money

As a general rule the filters need to be cleaned about twice a season in a residential environment and every month in a commercial environment. By keeping the filters clean you will help maintain the efficiency of the system which will keep the running costs down.


Lights generate heat, so switch off the ones that you don’t need. Compact fluorescent light bulbs will put out less heat than incandescent bulbs as well, so if you really need the lights on, consider switching bulbs.


We don’t want you to live in a cave, but up to 50% of heat comes through the windows during summer. By installing shades or blinds you can really keep the temperature down.
Adjust your temperature with the seasons. It is recommended that during summer the room temperature that works for energy efficiency and comfort is 24-25 degrees Celcius. During winter the optimum temperature is 18-20 degrees Celcius.

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