Get your air conditioner ready for summer

Summer is finally here, no more cold night and cloudy days! It certainly is a beautiful time, but we need to be prepared for those long hot summer day! Your air conditioner probably plays a very important role in keeping your Brisbane home cool and comfortable. Today we will share with you great tips to get your air conditioner ready for summer.

– Check your air filters and if they are dirty change them.
– Clear the area where your outdoor unit is. Make sure there aren’t any leaves, weeds, grass, plants and other debris lying close to it. Anything that could block the air flow and reduce the unit’s efficiency should be removed; be particularly careful with grass trimmings due to the lawn mower.
– Once in a while spray the outdoor condensing unit with water.
– If you have a ducted air con system, make sure the vents are not blocked by furniture.
– If you are using only one room, close the doors of other rooms and turn off their zones (ducted system)
– Set the fan on “auto”, this way you won’t have the fan running constantly – Check the refrigerant levels
– Check for leakage and seal it-Check and measure the air flow on the evaporator coil- Check the thermostat.
– Shut the windows and blinds to avoid heat coming in.
– Check for noises and vibrations that are unusual.

We recommend you call a professional to do these tasks as some of them do require knowledge and experience. If you have any questions please call us on (07) 3312 4244, we are here to help! Don’t wait too long, enjoy cool summer days at your Brisbane home and get your air conditioner summer ready!

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