Don’t risk a bungled DIY air conditioning installation

DIY Air conditioning installation

It’s a noble cause and we do understand why people attempt to save some money by installing their air conditioning unit themselves, but as something we’ve seen go wrong too many times, the Air Conditioning experts here at Mercury Installations we’ve got the tools to do the job right the first time round, potentially saving you heart ache and costs of a bungled DIY job. So why should you let the professionals handle your next installation? Let us explain in our latest post.
We adhere to all relevant safety requirements

Even if you feel comfortable setting up your air conditioning unit, refrigerants commonly used in AC systems known as R-22 can be dangerous, and while new advancements in refrigerants used in many AC systems is less of a risk, there are still safety concerns with exposure to all refrigerants. In fact when it comes to government legislation electrical work connecting air conditioners should always be completed by a licensed contractor. We are you’re licensed contractors.

We’ll make sure your system is right for your home

One of the biggest advantages of having the professionals supply and install your air conditioning unit is that you’ll get the right advice when it comes to the unit’s capacity and efficiency for the area it will be installed.

Any manufacturer’s warranties will remain in tact

Installing a unit in the wrong way could void your manufacturer’s warranty. We make sure that will never happen with a professional installation, with no risk of damaging the system and its complex components. We have the right tools to make sure the system is correctly mounted and will operate reliably and safely.

You’ll save stress and gain peace of mind

We only leave when a system is up and running at its optimum. This involves making sure piping, drainage and wiring is all correctly optimised so it operates effectively. Instead of sweating and stressing about whether you’ve done the work correctly, you’ll have peace of mind from work that is fully guaranteed right from the beginning.

Even though an air conditioning installation costs money, consider it to be an overall investment in the cost of getting a fully operational air conditioning solution for your home or business. After all botched and bungled installations can end up a whole lot more than you ever may have bargained for. Speak to the installation experts today at Mercury Installations on (07) 33124344