Placement Options For Commercial Air Conditioning

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Do you need a commercial air conditioning unit for your Brisbane based business, but aren’t sure what type will best suit your office? We’ve got you covered! Figuring out where your unit will fit best is difficult, since there is so much to consider. Should you get a rooftop package, or install your unit under the ceiling? Should you get a single split or a multiple split? We’ve got some tips to help you decide what will best suit your business’s needs.

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Five Signs Your Commercial Air Conditioning Needs a Service!

Mercury Services

Just like every other mechanical system, your commercial air conditioning needs regular servicing. Summer is just around the corner, and the last thing you need is your business’s air conditioning system breaking down or becoming a health risk. The cost to your business’s finances and reputation could be catastrophic.

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How to Set Your Air Conditioner to be an Efficient Heater in Brisbane For Winter

Mercury Installations

If you’re unsure how to set your air conditioner to compliment the winter climate, it will not be efficient and could potentially hit you hard with ongoing operating costs. With power bills surging, it is important to keep heating costs down all year round. Mercury Services have some tips on how you can get the most efficiency from your air conditioner this winter.

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Tips To Plan An Air Conditioning Installation

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When it comes to installing air conditioning, there are more things to consider than you might imagine. You need to think about the size and layout of the area you want to heat or cool, and then research the most efficient style of air conditioner for the space. After this, you’ll be making decisions about where to install outdoor units, or indoor outlets. If you’re going around in circles trying to plan an air conditioning installation , try these helpful hints!

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Understanding the Star Ratings of Air Conditioners


Most people are familiar with the star ratings on our appliances, but there’s a little bit more to consider than just your star rating when choosing an efficient air conditioner. Generally we recommend buying air conditioners with the highest star rating that you can afford, but other things should also be considered. We explain these, and the features of your air conditioner which will determine its star rating in this blog post. Continue reading

Reduce your reliance on your AC and save money this summer


It’s coming into the peak period for using our air conditioners in Brisbane. No doubt there will be many days this summer when running your system will be a necessity, but there are many other ways you can reduce the reliance on your air conditioning system before you really need to. The cool air craftsmen at Mercury Installations share some ways you can use your air conditioning system effectively and keep your electricity bill from spiraling out of control this season. Continue reading

Is your home switched onto safety?

Each year more around 15 people in Australia are electrocuted by home electrical systems, many of them able to be prevented through the installation of safety switches on all circuits. In Queensland safety switches have been mandatory in all homes built since 1992, but many Brisbane switchboards still do not have safety switches installed. As the leading team of electricians in North Brisbane, Mercury Installations explain the responsibilities for homeowners when it comes to installing safety switches in Brisbane in our latest post. Continue reading

Glossary of Air Conditioning Terms


Vocab that lets you speak like an authority on all things air conditioning 

Here at Mercury Installations our air conditioning service and installation technicians make a point to speak in clear and easy to understand language wherever possible, however this doesn’t mean that there isn’t some terminology that leaves some people scratching their heads. For this reason we’ve put together a list of common in industry lingo in our air conditioning glossary below. Continue reading