Ducted Air Conditioning Buying Guide

A complete ducted solution is the ultimate way to create consistent and affordable climate controlled comfort throughout your home, all year round. They also are the superior air conditioning option for office buildings or other commercial businesses creating consistent air flow throughout, or the option to create different zones to restrict flow.

There are however some things to consider ensuring you get a ducted air conditioning system to best suit the needs of your lifestyle, family, home design and budget. The Mercury Installations team explain some important factors to assess before selecting a ducted system below. Continue reading

AC Shopping – tips for buying an Air Conditioner

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Many homeowners fail to realise that choosing the right air conditioning system for their home is far more complicated than selecting a system based on looks and price. For an effective cooling solution for the home, there are many different factors to assess.

We regularly see systems with the wrong capacity and the wrong size which can quickly become expensive and ineffective – a quick cause of serious buyers remorse. But this doesn’t have to be you. Instead of learning the hard way – follow our advice so you can find the right air conditioner for your needs. Continue reading