Troubleshooting your air conditioning issues

air conditioning issues

Whether it’s a split or ducted system, air conditioners are complex systems with many intricate components that do need servicing and air conditioner repairs from time to time. Sometimes however, the solution to fix to an air conditioning system that isn’t operating, or operating like it should is simple and can be completed yourself. It’s these quick air conditioning fixes that we team at Mercury Installations share in our latest post. Continue reading

Air conditioning installations and what you need to know in Brisbane

air conditioning installation

We are air conditioning installers specialists based in Brisbane. We provide full services in ducted air conditioning, split systems, commercial installations and electrical work. Because we offer such a complete range of services we receive a lot of phone calls from our customers asking for pre-purchase information and advice, and also for advice regarding maintenance and repair. We have noticed that many of you are seeking the same information, so we have decided to make finding that information very easy for you. In this post you will find links to the information that answers the questions we are asked most often. Continue reading

Air conditioning installation advice

Changing filters

There are a few tell-tale warning signs when an air conditioner is not working properly. When a system is not performing as it should, it becomes costly and can be hazardous. The best way to ensure your air conditioning system always works at its optimum level is to have it serviced annually and to always keep the filters clean. Sometimes however, there are still problems. We are professional air conditioning installers based in Brisbane and we have put together information about the warning signs that show something may be awry with your unit. Continue reading

What air conditioner do I need?

Getting the right air conditioning might seem as simple as going to a shop, asking for prices and getting the one that seems like the best fit considering your budget. However there is more into choosing the right air conditioner. Size, for starters, is very important. You might think that the bigger the size the better or that it merely depends on the size of the room. For this reason in today’s news article we will share with you four important factors to help you get the right air conditioner for your Brisbane home or office. Continue reading

Why changing filters is important for your air conditioner

Air conditioner filters play one of the most important roles when it comes to fresh, clean air as well as air conditioning efficiency. By simply changing your air conditioner’s filters you can enhance the efficiency and comfort of your home or office during summer and winter. In today’s news article we will share with you a few reasons why it is important to change filters and some of the benefits of always having clean filters. Continue reading

Prepare your air conditioner for winter in Brisbane

Winter is here and we can already feel the cold wind and temperature. Most households have already started taking blankets out of the closets and preparing for winter. Even though winter is coming and the blankets are out, many forget to also prepare their air conditioner for winter. Brisbane might not have a harsh winter, but that doesn’t mean your air con shouldn’t be serviced and prepared. Continue reading

Specialists in home Air Conditioning in Brisbane

Air Conditioning units can be a fantastic addition to a house or office. However if they are poorly installed you probably won’t see many of it benefits and end up paying high energy bills month after month. For this reason it is important you hire an expert in air con installation as they know which areas are the best to add an air con unit. Here Mercury Installations we have a many years of experience installation and providing maintenance services to air con as well as professional electrical work across Brisbane and surrounding areas.

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Professional Air conditioning Installers Brisbane

Have you recently purchased an air conditioning and need someone to install it? Mercury Installations is an experienced air conditioning business with certified electricians in charge of air conditioning installations. Don’t settle for any air conditioning installer; hire the best air conditioning Installers Brisbane. An air conditioning poorly installed will not only consume more energy, but it will break more easily and will not perform as efficiently as it would if it was installed by the best.

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Air Conditioner Servicing Brisbane

If you think your air conditioning is not working as well as it should, it may be time to consider getting in touch with a professional team to conduct thorough servicing, but where to go for this level of maintenance? Here at Mercury Air Conditioning, we are committed to providing our customers with the very best product and service in the area, so make us your preferred choice for all manner of assistance relating to your air conditioner Brisbane.

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