4 Cool Ways to Save Money This Brisbane Summer


It’s almost summer time! You know what that means; hot nights, steaming days, days by the pool and hours spread eagled under the air conditioner, hoping the weather will break for a couple of hours and rain will cut through the staggering highs of another summer. At Mercury Installations, we know the feeling. Every year, we see our clients go through the same motions, trying to balance an increased demand of the air-conditioning with rising electricity prices and ridiculous degree readings – they’ve created a new colour at the Bureau of Meteorology, so it’s definitely not just you. Save money this time around and avoid the post-summer bill shock by following these five easy steps. Continue reading

5 Common Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Repairs


Air conditioners are a necessity not a luxury here in Brisbane, especially during those long summer months, and a break down can mean a very uncomfortable time for you and your family.

Prevention is the best cure, and regular maintenance is the best way to avoid an inconvenient break down. You should have your air conditioner serviced at least once a year. The benefits of regular servicing include: Continue reading

Using Your Reverse Cycle System Efficiently


Here in Brisbane we often don’t think about keeping warm in the winter until the chilly months are upon us. With a split system air conditioner, you won’t be caught unprepared during the cold snap.

Reverse cycle air conditioning is a clever little system that can be used as to cool during the summer and as a heater during the winter. It does this by extracting heat from the outside air. A refrigerant that passes through the external coil absorbs the heat and pumps it into the home. In summer, the refrigerant is reversed so that the interior can be cooled.

When considering heating choices for your home, reverse cycle air conditioning is a cost effective and efficient choice for many reasons. Continue reading

Air Conditioning and Life As We Know It

air conditioners

Life before Air Con– Would you really want to go back?

People sometimes raise the argument of the necessity of air conditioning when mankind survived for hundreds of years perfectly fine without it. While this might have been the case, it’s not to say we all survived perfectly fine without air conditioning. Air conditioning provides much needed relief by shielding the elderly and young children who are most at risk from complications caused from severe temperatures. A clean air conditioning system can also improve the air quality and recycling air can help to exclude allergens in the air – including pollen and dust particles. Continue reading

Glossary of Air Conditioning Terms


Vocab that lets you speak like an authority on all things air conditioning 

Here at Mercury Installations our air conditioning service and installation technicians make a point to speak in clear and easy to understand language wherever possible, however this doesn’t mean that there isn’t some terminology that leaves some people scratching their heads. For this reason we’ve put together a list of common in industry lingo in our air conditioning glossary below. Continue reading

Don’t risk a bungled DIY air conditioning installation

DIY Air conditioning installation

It’s a noble cause and we do understand why people attempt to save some money by installing their air conditioning unit themselves, but as something we’ve seen go wrong too many times, the Air Conditioning experts here at Mercury Installations we’ve got the tools to do the job right the first time round, potentially saving you heart ache and costs of a bungled DIY job. So why should you let the professionals handle your next installation? Let us explain in our latest post. Continue reading