Air conditioning installations: About zone control

Ducted air conditioning installations in Brisbane are definitely on the increase. As more and more people hear about the benefits of ducted systems they continue to grow in popularity. The systems are being routinely installed in new complex developments and private home owners are catching on to the trend as well. There are a number of advantages to ducted air con, however the one we are receiving the most enquires about is ‘zoning’. Read on to learn about zoning and what benefits it offers you as a home or business owner.

What is zoning and why is it a good air conditioning option in Brisbane?

Zoning controls allow you to direct the cool air only to the areas of your home or business that need it. Essentially zoning controls allow you to manage the efficiency of your air conditioning. Brisbane is really hot, and electricity bills are very high, so zoning allows you to maximise your energy efficiency and minimise the associated costs per quarter.

What benefits does a zoning control system offer?

Generally speaking a smaller unit will be needed. This lowers your installation costs.
Your energy usage will be lower which saves you money over the long term.
The system has the potential to work a lot faster in extreme conditions.
Zone controlled ducted air conditioners offer more flexibility and can be adapted to your lifestyle requirements.

Additional benefits of ducted air conditioning

A more aesthetically pleasing system
Even air flow throughout the home
Extremely quite operation

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