Air conditioning installation advice

Changing filters

There are a few tell-tale warning signs when an air conditioner is not working properly. When a system is not performing as it should, it becomes costly and can be hazardous. The best way to ensure your air conditioning system always works at its optimum level is to have it serviced annually and to always keep the filters clean. Sometimes however, there are still problems. We are professional air conditioning installers based in Brisbane and we have put together information about the warning signs that show something may be awry with your unit.

The temperature control is limited

If the room temperature changes quite suddenly it could be a sign that something is not right with the system. It could be old, and may well need to be replaced. It could also be affected by outside factors such as plants and debris. It pays to check that nothing is interfering with the outdoor section.

The unit is noisy or making strange sounds

Loud and unusual sounds mean your air con needs a service. Any grating noises are a real sign of trouble and are possibly making the unit unsafe. Call a technician to check out strange noises. It is always best to be safe. Getting the problem checked out early can save money in the long run.

Odd smells coming from your air conditioner

Aside from being unpleasant, smells coming from the unit are a sign of a real problem. The most common source of strange smells is burnt out electrical insulation. It is a problem absolutely worth fixing, and if the system is still under warranty it will be a cheap easy fix.


If there is a lot of moisture around your air conditioner, there may be a drainage problem.  If there is a leak this can be serious and needs to be checked by a professional as soon as possible.

By calling professionals in early, you can save time and money. The earlier problems are dealt with the more likely they are to be repairable. Call us today to talk about repairing, replacing or servicing your air conditioner. Reach us on 07 3312 4244 or alternatively use our contact form. We provide our air conditioning services throughout Brisbane, North Brisbane, Clayfield, Aspley, Chermside, North Lakes and more areas!