AC Shopping – tips for buying an Air Conditioner

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Many homeowners fail to realise that choosing the right air conditioning system for their home is far more complicated than selecting a system based on looks and price. For an effective cooling solution for the home, there are many different factors to assess.

We regularly see systems with the wrong capacity and the wrong size which can quickly become expensive and ineffective – a quick cause of serious buyers remorse. But this doesn’t have to be you. Instead of learning the hard way – follow our advice so you can find the right air conditioner for your needs.

1.     Energy Efficiency

With running costs on the rise, efficiency is a major factor now more than ever. Since air conditioners are one of our most power hungry appliances, investing in one with inverter technology or PeakSmart capabilities will eventually cover the initial outlay – and then some.

2.     Capacity

 Depending on the size of the room/areas that you want to be cooled, you will need AC system with the right capacity (or output) for the job. A system with a capacity too small for the room will have extra stress placed on it – and cost more to run.

Before you start the search for AC systems you should measure the length, width and height of the room that the system is intended for. Alternatively our team here at Mercury Installations can recommend different options that will work well for the space that will be cooled.

3. Humidity

 Most people in Brisbane need an air conditioning system that will remove humidity from the indoor environment. There are air conditioners like evaporative coolers which are effectively useless in humid climates, making them an option to avoid.

4. Reliability

Reliability is another important factor to assess when choosing an AC system that will go the distance. Some brands and models have reputations than others for their longevity and smooth operation. It’s worth doing your own research on consumer review sites like Canstar Blue or Choice to find independent assessments of Air Conditioning brands.


Now that you’ve assessed and prioritised the operating specs before looks, you can concentrate on finding a system with an attractive design. The good news is that many new models are all quite comparable with their discreet and slim line designs – gone are the ugly window mounted monstrosities of the past!

Also consider where the system will be mounted and how much space it will take up in the room. It’s also worth looking at the quietness of the system.

For more impartial advice and assistance in selecting a new system for your home, call the air conditioning installation experts at Mercury Installations. We proudly supply and install many top brands of air conditioning. 

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