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Electrical work is something that should you should never attempt without the right qualifications, licences and experience. Faulty or out-dated wiring, overloaded switchboards and power points – all pose a threat to your safety and the safety of those within your home or business. Faulty electrical work can also cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your electrical fittings and appliances. For these reasons, it is vital that you find an electrical contractor with the skills and qualifications to make sure that the electrical systems in your home are up to date and perfectly maintained. Here at Mercury Installations, we have a team of expert electricians who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in electrical work across Brisbane and southeast Queensland.

Our team is well equipped to handle all kinds of electrical installations and maintenance. We recognise the needs of homeowners and business owners across Brisbane and offer a range of services to meet these needs. Some of our services include data cables, rewiring, faulty switchboards, electrical faults, commercial electrical fit-outs, new home wiring, safety switches, smoke alarms, hot water piping, mains upgrades, security lighting and general home electrical repairs. Here at Mercury Installations, we have a strong focus on personalised service, high quality work and safety, which is why we ensure that our electricians are amongst Brisbane’s best. They possess all the qualifications, licences and experience necessary to safely complete any electrical task that is required of them. We aim to keep you at the centre of our work and we will provide you with a comprehensive electrical plan of our work before we begin, so that you are familiar with what we are doing and why.

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If you are tired of faulty electrical fittings, appliances or wiring then contact us today at Mercury Installations. Our team of professional electricians are well positioned to undertake any electrical work necessary, and will always strive to meet and exceed your expectations. If you have any inquiries, you can contact us by submitting an online contact for, or phoning our office; we are happy to provide you with clarification on anything electrical.

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The best electricians Brisbane has to offer

The electrical systems that are installed in your home or business will determine the extent to which you are able to power certain appliances. It is necessary to upgrade your power supply to cater for the strain placed on it by large appliances. This is something we often see in older homes, when residents are looking to install large ducted air conditioners, or in businesses that require large commercial appliances. Fortunately, here at Mercury Installations, we understand this and have developed our services to cater for the electrical needs of all clients throughout Brisbane.

We strive to deliver fully licenced and qualified electricians with quality electrical solutions and exceptional customer service. We recognise that business owners and homeowners across Brisbane have diverse electrical needs and we have adapted our services to meet those needs. Our electricians have all the knowledge and experience necessary to complete residential and commercial electrical work to an unrivalled standard of quality and we value customer service and electrical safety above all else.

Huge Range of Units

At Mercury Installations, we even offer comprehensive commercial and residential electrical fit-outs. Essentially, this involves fitting all the electrical components necessary to power your home or business – from power supplies and switchboards, to wiring and power points – we are able to do it all. This gives you a number of advantages including:

Quality services across Brisbane: electrical specialists

Because the needs of every homeowner and business are unique, we have developed a service approach that will fulfil the electrical needs of every one of our clients. At Mercury Installations, we are familiar with the dangers of electrical work and we place the safety of our clients and electricians at the forefront of our priorities. As a part of our dedication to safety, we ensure that all of our electricians are highly skilled and possess the necessary licences and qualifications. In addition to this, we complete all of our jobs to Australian standards and maintain our own self imposed standard of uncompromising quality.

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Electrical work for air conditioning installation

Some advanced air conditioning systems – such as ducted air conditioners – require a high capacity power supply and unfortunately, not all homes are able to accommodate this. Older homes in particular are known to have somewhat substandard electrical systems in place and this will often stand in the way of extensive new air conditioning systems. Here at Mercury Installations we are familiar with both air conditioning and electrical work, which places us in the perfect position to manage the upgrade of your electrical system, to facilitate a new air conditioning appliance. Furthermore, if you purchase an air conditioner from us, we will provide you with full and comprehensive electrical work to ensure that it is installed to the highest standard of quality, without any potential electrical hazard.

General inspections, repairs, maintenance and upgrades

Not all electrical work is extensive and in fact, many of the jobs we complete are basic repairs. Our electricians will happily undertake any job – no matter how big or small – and we offer a wide range of repair services for appliances, faulty plugs, TV points, power points, lighting and more. Whilst these may seem somewhat simple, it is important that you do not attempt them without the correct training and qualifications. Any maintenance involving electricity is inherently dangerous and should only be done by professionals. In addition to our repair services, we offer comprehensive inspections aimed at identifying any electrical faults or hazards in your home or business, and addressing them. Our electricians also specialise in electrical upgrades and have all the knowledge and experience required to upgrade your switchboard or mains power source to a more modern standard.

New home and unit wiring

Fitting your new home or unit with an entirely new electrical network is a daunting prospect, which is why the team here at Mercury Installations strive to take the stress out of the process for you. Our expert electricians are familiar with all the steps that are required to completely rewire a home or unit, whether it is new or old. At Mercury Installations, we appreciate the importance of having a reliable and well-installed electrical system in your home and we do everything it takes to provide you with a safe, comprehensive and well installed electrical fit-out. We will discuss your needs with you prior to commencing installation and ensure that we design an electrical solution that meets your requirements perfectly. Finally, we will provide you with a detailed plan of all the work necessary to complete your home or unit fit-out. With Mercury Installations, you can rest assured that all of your electrical needs will be met to your satisfaction.

Your Questions Answered...

#1 Are you licenced?

In Australia, it is a legal requirement that all electricians possess the relevant licences and qualifications and this is something we take seriously here at Mercury Installations. All of our electricians are licenced and qualified, which allows us to complete all electrical work in line with Australian standards. This ensures that we are operating legally and to a high standard of safety and quality.

#2 What different areas do you service?

Here at Mercury Installations we strive to provide electrical services to the widest region possible. We will undertake work across the entirety of Brisbane, including the northernmost regions including North Lakes and Chermside. If you are looking for electrical experts who provide commercial and residential jobs, but are not sure if you are in our area then contact us today. Our professionals will happily address any of your queries.

#3 Why are my lights flickering at home?

There are many factors that might contribute to a flickering light bulb, although the following three are most common: loose bulb, faulty switch or connection, and voltage fluctuation. To check if your bulb is loose, turn off the light and gently twist the bulb. It is important not to tighten it excessively, however you do not want any play in the fixture as it can disrupt the electrical current. If you suspect that your switch is faulty or your voltage is fluctuating, it is important that you contact a qualified electrician and do not attempt to fix it yourself.

#4 Do you do any outdoor electrical work?

Here at Mercury Installations we aim to deliver electrical solutions to suit the needs of all homeowners across Brisbane and this includes outdoor electrical fittings. Our experts will happily attend to your outdoor electrical needs and we are well equipped to install patio lighting and garden lighting, or simply provide electrical maintenance where necessary.