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We are an experienced Brisbane ducted air conditioning company, who install, repair, and service ducted air conditioners. Our extensive experience allows us to recommend and install the ideal ducted air conditioner for your home or commercial building.

Ducted air conditioners are a complete climate control solution that offers superior energy efficiency for larger buildings. However, they’re complex systems that must be installed by qualified professionals, and the team at Mercury Installations have over 15 years of experience working with ducted air conditioning in Brisbane. We specialise in supplying and installing units that are specifically tailored to the needs of our clients.

Why choose us?

Mercury Installations

We have over 15 years experience installing, repairing and servicing ducted air conditioners in Brisbane

Mercury Installations

We install air ducted conditioners for every type of building, from homes and shops to offices and schools

Mercury Installations

5-year installation warranty and a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty included

Mercury Installations

We recommend and install gold-standard ducted air conditioners from Panasonic, Daikin and Mitsubishi

Mercury Installations

We are fully licensed and qualified for ducted air conditioning installs and any electrical work needed

Mercury Installations

We install high-tech smart systems, giving you finite control over your ducted air conditioner

Mercury Installations

We are fully insured for public liability of up to $10 million

Mercury Installations

We don’t use sub-contractors, as we only trust the quality of our own work

Mercury Installations

Our ducted units provide enhanced efficiency which can lower electricity bills

Mercury Installations

Our ducted units provide superior airflow and the capacity to effectively disperse cool air (for cooling) or minimise the loss of cold air (for warmth)

Mercury Installations

Our ducted units provide advanced temperature control with advanced zoning technology

Mercury Installations

Our ducted units provide near-silent operation

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What we do



We can complete ducted air conditioning installations in Brisbane for new builds or existing properties. All we need is a quick chat, and possibly a visit to your property. We’ll then recommend and install the ideal system for you.



If you are after a system with superior efficiency and/or your current ducted air conditioner has seen better days, we can recommend a customised solution that suits your property and preferences. We also offer retrofitting services if you’d like to extend your system by adding a new zone.

Servicing & Maintenance

Servicing & Maintenance

We offer full servicing for ducted air conditioners to keep them in top condition. This will prolong the unit’s life and reduce your electricity bills. Replacement parts for ducted units are typically available for longer, saving you money over the long term.



Because ducted units are more expensive than other types of air conditioning systems, they are definitely worth repairing. If repairs aren’t possible, we can offer recommendations in terms of a replacement system.

Our installation process

Before we make any recommendations or take steps to undertake Brisbane ducted air conditioning installation, we will chat with you about your needs and if necessary, visit your property for a quick inspection. The team will assess the construction of your property, including the power supply. When assessing your home’s construction, we are primarily analysing the materials it is constructed of. This is because some building materials harbour more cold air, and certain properties may require a more customised approach to installation than others.

For example, homes constructed mostly of timber are unlikely to retain cold air to the same extent as homes constructed from bricks or concrete, and this will determine where the ducts should be installed. In terms of power supply, our primary concern is safety. If your property is not equipped to support a ducted air conditioning system, we will need to arrange for the appropriate improvements to be made. This will ensure your air conditioner operates efficiently and protects the property’s residents from electrical hazards.

The team will also note the floor plan, internal structure and use of each area, to ensure your system is installed in an optimal manner. Inspecting the number of rooms and the floor space and ceiling height will also give us a clear picture of the area your unit will be required to cool and/or heat, and the potential strain on certain rooms. For example, laundries and kitchens often contain appliances that generate a considerable amount of heat, and your unit will need to be installed to account for this.

Once we have discussed your options based on your needs and preferences, and you have decided upon a suitable unit, we can then organise to install it at a time that suits you. Ducted air conditioning installation in Brisbane typically takes one to two days depending on the size of the unit and what’s involved.

We value our customers and will take proper care of your property during the process. Our team are reliable and punctual, so they will arrive on time. We also welcome your input during the installation process and will strive to meet all of your needs.

Once the installation is complete, we will provide you with your warranty information and full instructions on how to run your ducted air conditioner. If you have any concerns following the installation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ducted air conditioning | Expert guide

Why choose ducted air conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning offers a whole-house or property cooling solution, and if the system is a reverse cycle model, will heat your home as well. “Zoning” technology allows you to control the temperature of individual rooms and switch it off in rooms not being used, all from a centrally controlled thermostat. We can also install smart technologies for your air conditioner, which allows you to control the system from your phone, tablet, or computer.

In a ducted system, the indoor unit is usually located in the ceiling cavity, and the outdoor unit in a discrete position outside. These indoor units are then connected with ducts, with conditioned air circulating through them, and delivered to each designated zone in the property. This means you can choose the temperature of each room, or switch it off entirely for rooms not being used.


What are the benefits of ducted air conditioning?

Powerful capabilities

Ducted air conditioning offers fast, comprehensive, energy-efficient and even temperature control. Ducted systems also disperse cool air more effectively and have the ability to minimise the loss of cold air.

Ease of control

Ducted systems are easy to control, particularly if there are smart features enabled. If the system is zoned, it allows you to select different settings for different rooms. Timers can also be set to activate warm or cool air and turn off after a set period.

Aesthetically pleasing

Because the ducts and air conditioning vents are built into the property, ducted air conditioners are discrete and blend in seamlessly, with only the ceiling ducts and control panel on display.


Ducted air conditioners are whisper quiet with none of the humming and noise that can be produced by other systems (particularly older systems).

Value for money

Ducted air conditioning is more expensive than split systems, but lasts for up to 20 years, and tends to add value to a property. They also allow for the efficient heating or cooling of larger properties, including larger homes with three or more bedrooms.

What is the cost of ducted air conditioning in Brisbane?

The cost of a ducted conditioning system in Brsbane depends on the following:

  • The type of system: ducted systems are usually more expensive than split systems because they cater to larger properties.
  • The amount of space: the more rooms or areas that need to be cooled or heated, the bigger the capacity of the air conditioner, which increases the price.
  • The brand: premium brands cost more, but they are more durable and efficient.
  • The piping and ducting needed: larger properties (for example two storey homes) will require more refrigeration piping, electrical cable, and ducting, which will add to the cost.
  • The switchboard: if a property’s existing electrical switchboard needs upgrading, this is an additional expense.
  • The room usage: it will cost more to “zone” an entire house rather than just specific areas.

Depending on the size of the property and the number of ducts required, the price of ducted air conditioning in Brisbane is generally in excess of $5000.

How much does ducted air conditioning cost to run?

It is not mandatory that ducted air conditioning carries an energy efficiency rating label, although some manufacturers do choose to label them. However, they do need to meet minimum energy performance requirements according to the Annualised Energy Efficiency Ratio (AEER) and/or Annualised Coefficient of Performance (ACOP) for Australia. It is generally the most expensive form of air conditioning to run (up to $2 an hour in energy usage based on 35 cents per kWh), compared to a split system, which costs around 60 cents.

What brands do you recommend?

We recommend and install gold-standard ducted air conditioners from Panasonic, Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric. Here is a brief rundown of the models they offer.


Panasonic’s range of ducted air conditioners feature smart technologies including Wi-Fi and intuitive voice control, with a range of capacities.

  • High Static Ducted: Has high static and large airflow capabilities for installation flexibility. “Static” refers to the amount of pressure a unit needs to overcome friction. The longer the ducts required, the more static that’s needed. Therefore, this model would be suitable for larger properties. Capacities range from 6kW to 22.4kW.
  • Slim-line Ducted: Ideal for properties where space is limited. Capacities range from 6kW to 14kW.
  • Ultra Slim Ducted: At only 200mm high, it can leverage the tightest of spaces.


Daikin air conditioners include features such as automatic airflow adjustment and fan speed selection to suit the set temperature, and a Night Quiet Mode to reduce outdoor noise levels while you sleep. Additional functionality includes an off timer, weekly schedule timer, and a quick cool/heat mode that temporarily increases power to reach your desired temperature.

  • Premium Inverter Ducted: Designed with R22 retrofit capability, it is suited for small to large properties.
  • Inverter Ducted: A compact design for small to large houses, and ideal for installations where roof and outdoor space is limited.
  • Slim-Line Ducted: Suited to narrow ceiling spaces.
  • Bulkhead System: Designed for those who are after a discreet installation, ie. if the property has “drop” or shallow ceilings.

Mitsubishi Electric

This brand features four series of ducted air conditioners with a number of models in each. The range includes reverse cycle models that offer cool air in summer and heat in winter. They can incorporate zone selection and are ideal for multiple room applications.

  • Ceiling-concealed: Has a low profile and lightweight design with a wide selection of fan speeds.
  • Ducted 10 to 13.5kW: Offers quiet operation with single-phase or three-phase power options, plus optimal airflow due to high static pressure.
  • Ducted 16 to 19kW: Has a two-piece construction with single and three-phase power options.
  • Ducted 22kW: Has the largest heating/cooling capacity with a three-phase power supply.


The indoor unit is typically installed in the ceiling cavity, although it can also be installed underneath the floor if necessary. The outdoor unit is placed in a discreet location, typically away from living areas.

We try to accommodate all requests, however the location of vents will depend on the roof space of the property as this governs where the vents can be placed.

Your ducted air conditioner should be serviced annually by a qualified professional, which will ensure any potential issues are identified or prevented, and its operational efficiency is maximised.

Ducted air conditioners allow you to cool different rooms individually, so if your unit is only working in one room, it may simply be switched off in other rooms. Check your user manual for instructions and if the issue persists, don’t hesitate to contact us.