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Looking for an air conditioning installation in Brisbane? We have over 15 years of experience as air conditioning specialists, extensive knowledge of the best air conditioners on the market, and the expertise to quickly install them without fuss.

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Mercury Installations

We are qualified specialists with 15 years experience installing air conditioners in Brisbane

Mercury Installations

We install air conditioners for all types of building—homes, shops, offices, schools, and more

Mercury Installations

We are qualified electricians, so can complete any major electrical work needed as part of the install

Mercury Installations

Our experience allows us to install air conditioning systems correctly, which makes them last for years, with few breakages

Mercury Installations

We recommend and install gold-standard air conditioners from Panasonic, Daikin, and Mitsubishi

Mercury Installations

5-year installation warranty, and 5-year manufacturer’s warranty included

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Split systems

Split systems are effective, convenient, and highly efficient for cooling single spaces. Or if you’d prefer to have a split system throughout the entire home (rather than ducted), we can look at installing a multi-split for you, with multiple wall-mounted units, each individually controlled.

We recommend and install a range of gold-standard split systems from Panasonic, Daikin, and Mitsubishi. Every split system we install has reverse cycle technology, allowing it to both cool and heat.

Ducted systems

Ducted systems are better suited to larger homes, offering greater efficiency for big spaces, and a finite level of control over the system.

Because a ducted system typically covers most of a building, the ducting is directed to areas that are commonly used (e.g. living area, master bedroom), which creates zones for each area. These zones can be turned off when not in use, which can help to save a huge amount of power over long periods. With the right system, you can even control the temperature individually for each zone.


Our commercial air conditioning installs can be either split or ducted systems, including central plant units, hydronic systems, rooftop package units, and cassette or bulkhead units. After a quick site visit and chat with you about your needs, we’ll recommend the system that best suits your office.

Commercial installs typically need custom electrical work, and as qualified electricians, we’ll complete the whole job for you, without the need to hire extra people.

Our installation process

  1. We’ll chat to you about your needs, and if necessary, visit your property for a quick inspection
  2. We’ll recommend an air conditioning system for you, based on your needs and preferences
  3. We’ll arrange a date to install the air conditioner, and complete the install within a day (2-4 hours for a split system).
  4. We’ll provide you full instructions on how to run your air conditioner, and your warranty information
  1. We’ll chat to you about your needs, and inspect your architectural plans (if you have them). We can also work directly with your builders, if you’d prefer.
  2. We’ll recommend an air conditioning system for you, based on your needs and preferences
  3. We’ll arrange a date to install the air conditioner. For new builds, the install is quickest and cheapest immediately after the roof and electrical work are complete, and we’ll work with your builders to accomplish this. We’ll complete the install within a day (2-4 hours for a split system).
  4. We’ll provide you full instructions on how to run your air conditioner, and your warranty information

How long do air conditioning installs take?

Split systems = 2 to 4 hours

Ducted systems = A full day

How we recommend the right air conditioning system for you

Recommending the ideal air conditioner takes knowledge and experience, and is determined by a number of factors. We consider the following:

  • The amount of cubic space you want to cool
  • The number of rooms/zones you want to cool
  • The property’s floor plan and structure
  • The material used for the property
  • Whether there’s enough space in the ceiling cavity
  • The number of people typically in the building
  • The purpose of each room

Air conditioning installation Brisbane | Consumer guide

Why is it important to hire an experienced air conditioning specialist?

To become a qualified air conditioning installer in Brisbane, electricians can complete a quick weekend certificate. Unfortunately, they often lack the knowledge and experience needed to install a system properly, which can leave you out of pocket. Refrigerant leaks, ill-fitted or torn ducts, or wrong-sized machines are just a few examples of things that can go wrong, and which can cost you a lot of money in the long run.

At Mercury Installations, we’ve installed thousands of air conditioners over the years, of every imaginable type. We know the right calculations to make, the right questions to ask, and the right method for installing an air conditioning system that will last for years. Whether you’re looking for a cheap air con installation in Brisbane, or something a little more fancy, we have the right system for you.

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What size air conditioner do I need?

Getting the right-sized air conditioner is important, as it ensures that you’re using just the right amount of power to cool your property. You’ll also need to consider insulation, the local climate, where the sun rises, and the design of the building. Calculating the right-sized air conditioner is tricky, and for this reason, it’s best to call the experts.

Air conditioning installation Brisbane prices

The cost of a new air conditioning system is based on a number of different factors, including:

  • The type of system being installed: ducted systems are more expensive than split systems, because they usually cater for larger properties.
  • The amount of space being cooled: the more rooms/space you want to cool, the bigger the air conditioner, which increases the price.
  • The brand of the air conditioner: premium brands cost more money, but they’re more efficient and durable.
  • The energy rating of the air conditioner: you’ll pay more for split systems that have a good energy rating, but you’ll save on electricity bills over the long run.
  • The amount of piping and cable needed: some properties (for example two storey homes) will need more refrigeration piping and electrical cable, which will add a little extra to the cost.
  • The amount of ducting needed (for ducted air conditioners): again, larger properties will require more ducting, which adds to the cost.
  • Whether the switchboard needs to be upgraded: if the electrical switchboard needs to be upgraded, this adds to the price.

Because there’s so many factors involved in air conditioning, the air conditioning installation cost in Brisbane can range anywhere between $750 to $20,000 plus.

What is a reverse cycle air conditioning installation?

Reverse cycle air conditioning is a complete climate control system that allows you to both cool and heat and home. It’s perfect for those nippy winter months, when running the air conditioner for 30 minutes in the morning can help to take the chill out of the air.


FAQs - AC installation Brisbane

If you’re having a split system installed, the only difference to your property will be the units themselves. Indoor units for split systems are mounted on the wall, and the outdoor unit is placed outside, in a discreet location.

For ducted systems, the indoor unit is usually installed in the ceiling cavity, and the outdoor unit placed outside. A ducted system delivers air through vents through the home, which are the only visible changes to the property.

We’ll usually recommend the best locations for vents, but if you have preferred positions for them, we’ll try our best to accommodate.

For split systems, the indoor units(s) are mounted on the wall, and the outdoor unit is placed outside away from any living areas.

For ducted systems, the indoor unit is usually placed in the ceiling cavity, and the outdoor unit is placed outside.

Air conditioning manufacturers offer a 5-year warranty for their product, and we offer a 5-year warranty on the install itself.