Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

Here in Queensland, we rely on our air conditioners pretty heavily to cool us down. So if your air conditioner is blowing hot air, you might have yourself a pretty serious problem. Luckily, there are a few ways to troubleshoot the issue. Of course, the best approach is always to enlist professional help from the outset.

And remember: you should never try and repair your air conditioner – that’s a job best left to qualified professionals. But still, there are some ways to tell why your air conditioner is blowing hot air, just by looking at it. Here are some possibilities.

When your air conditioner is blowing hot air, the best solution might be the simplest: thermostat

We always like to look to the easiest fix first: the thermostat. Is your air conditioner set to the right temperature? How has the circulation been programmed? A lot of the time, hot air can result from simple programming errors. As air conditioners become more advanced, so too do their controls. As a result, it’s easy to inadvertently change the settings. Our advice is to go through your air conditioner’s settings thoroughly before calling in a repair.

Air conditioners that are blowing hot air often do so because the filters are clogged

If it’s not a programming issue, there may be something more sinister causing your air conditioner to blow hot air. For us, the next port of call is filters. Air conditioning filters require frequent changing. If your air conditioner is used heavily through summer, you may need to clean, or even change the filters monthly. But, as we know too well, it’s easy to overlook routine maintenance in your busy life. If your filter has gone a while without any love, it could be restricting the air flow within the air conditioning unit. That causes your air conditioner to work harder, and produce more heat. It’s important to get that rectified quickly. The stress placed upon your unit could cause your air conditioner serious damage.

Your air conditioner might be blowing hot air because the external unit is not properly ventilated

Another possible cause is external ventilation. Air conditioning units require space and ventilation to properly function. The outdoor component of your air conditioner should have a good meter perimeter of unobstructed space around it. If there’s vegetation or debris impeding its ventilation, it won’t be able to expel hot air as well as it needs to. That could cause a build up of heat in your air conditioning system. Ultimately, that would then result in your air conditioner blowing hot air.

Are your condenser coils dirty or damaged? That could be why your air conditioner is blowing hot air

Condenser coils are another possible source of a hot-air air conditioning problem. Condenser coils are a vital part of the heat transfer process that allows air conditioners to function well. If your condenser coils are covered in dust and cobwebs, they may not be able to perform their function properly. That could cause – you guessed it – a build-up of heat in the air conditioning system. If you can see dust and debris gathering around your coils, call in the experts for a complete air conditioner service.

There could be a leak in your air conditioner’s fluids that is causing it to blow hot air

Finally, let’s talk fluids. Your air conditioner relies on special fluids to transfer heat. If those fluids aren’t at suitable levels, your air conditioner will struggle to work properly and may blow hot air. If you can see more liquid than usual leaking from your air conditioner at any point, turn off your air conditioner and call qualified technicians.

Professional repairs and maintenance are the best ways to ensure your air conditioner runs to perfection. Get in touch with the experts at Mercury Services today!

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