How to win the office air conditioning war

woman air conditioner

Air Conditioners is a 21st century necessity in today’s office environments – especially here in Brisbane. It’s not only an important comfort consideration, but the right temperature is also important to maintain concentration and productivity – something that all managers and business owners will be concerned with. However having everyone agree to the best temperature for an AC system to be set at is often a controversial subject in the office with some employees more sensitive to cooler temperatures, and others who will embrace the cooler air. Like anything in a workplace, it’s hard to please all people all of the time, however since air conditioning is a workplace necessity here’s a few suggestions to keep everyone as happy as possible.

1.    Keep your thermostat set at 22-25 degrees. This is not only a energy efficient temperature range which helps to keep costs down, it also researched as the most productive temperature range for employees.

2.    Set different zones – If your office uses ducted air conditioning an easy win can be to set different temperature zones and seat people in zones accordingly based on their preference.

3.    Some people will always be more affected by temperatures that they perceive to be temperatures that are too cold. In an office setting it is easier for them to put on extra layers on than for others to remove layers!

4.    Employees who still prefer cooler temperatures should sit with more direct exposure to the air conditioning vents or split system. They can also take extra personal cooling into their own hands by investing in an USB powered desk fan for extra cooling.

5.    Seat employees most sensitive to cooler temperatures furthest away from air conditioning.

6.    Encourage people to move around. In a sedentary jobs some people will feel colder from lack of movement than others. Getting up a few times during the morning and afternoon and stretching can warm the muscles and help people who are feeling less cold.

It’s not possible for everyone to ‘win’ the office air conditioning war, but finding a compromise with a reasonable temperature and understanding your own requirements can help you take measures to stop being so affected by temperatures if you are one of the people who are more sensitive to feeling cool.   The fact is, the alternative to no air conditioning at all is much worse. When a room is really hot, it’s much more difficult to cool down without air conditioning.

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