Troubleshooting your air conditioning issues

air conditioning issues

Whether it’s a split or ducted system, air conditioners are complex systems with many intricate components that do need servicing and air conditioner repairs from time to time. Sometimes however, the solution to fix to an air conditioning system that isn’t operating, or operating like it should is simple and can be completed yourself. It’s these quick air conditioning fixes that we team at Mercury Installations share in our latest post.

Problem 1: ‘My air conditioner won’t turn on at all, and there are no lights on the system”

Possible Causes:

– The air conditioner is not plugged in or switched on at the power point.
– Air conditioner not switched on at the unit.
– Circuit breaker has tripped. Reset at your electrical switchboard to test this cause.

Problem 2: ‘Air coming from the system is neither cool on cooling nor warm on heating’

Possible Causes:

– Thermostat is not set to desired temperature.
– Control is set to heat mode in summer, or cool mode. Use the systems auto mode to correct this.
– Outdoor fan is not running properly. Try waiting 10 minutes and resetting the system.
– There is a fault internally with the unit. Call Mercury services.

Problem 3: ‘The system seems to struggle with cooling the home despite excessive use’

Possible Causes:

– Windows and doors left open reduces effectiveness of system.
– Leaks in ductwork.
– Leaves and detritus blocking the coil at the outdoor unit.
– Outdoor unit positioned in area where it receives limited airflow.
– Air conditioning system has the wrong capacity for the area you are trying to cool/heat.
– An internal fault in the system.

Here at Mercury Installations our aim is to help our customers get the most from their air conditioning system. We recommend an annual service of your system to help safeguard it against expensive repairs down the track and encourage those with issues with the way their system operates to call us sooner rather than later so we can help get any issues sorted quickly and at a fair price.

For air conditioning repairs and servicing in Brisbane, the name to remember is Mercury Installations. To find out more call our team today on (07) 3312 4344. We cover Brisbane and surrounding areas such as North Brisbane, Aspley, Clayfield, Chermside and North Lakes.