Stay Cool Without Using Your Air Conditioner


Air conditioners are a lifesaver – sometimes literally – on those steaming hot Queensland days. But with the price of electricity on the rise, they can also be expensive to run constantly. When the mercury starts to rise, don’t reach straight for the air conditioner. You’ll always have it as a backup but try some of these lower cost cooling options first.

Keep Air Circulating Around the Home

The best way to keep cool is to keep air circulating through the house. Moving air blows the heat away from your body and evaporates perspiration, lowering your body temperature through evaporative cooling. Besides, there’s nothing quite like a cool breeze to soothe sweat soaked skin. If there’s a breeze outside, simply opening a window is the cheapest and easiest way to get air flowing throughout your house.

On those still, muggy days, you’re going to need a fan. Fans are a lot cheaper to run than air conditioners and can be just as effective. A ceiling fan is good but a window fan is even better. If you don’t have a window fan, placing a pedestal fan at your window to can help to move the air around. You can use your fans to create an air current by placing one at each end of your house, with one facing outside to suck the hot air out of the room.

As a last resort, fanning yourself with a paper fan is better than nothing.

Water of Course!

Water is a blessed relief on hot summer days. If you have a pool, take a nice, refreshing dip. Even a paddling pool can provide a reprieve. If you don’t have a pool, take a cold shower or bath or run the hose over yourself. And while you’re using all that lovely cold water on the outside of your body, don’t forget to get some inside your body. Staying hydrated is especially important during the summer, and an ice cold glass of water can cool you down as well.

You can also keep cool by scheduling your day according to the external temperature. The middle of the day is the hottest so use that time to go shopping, visit the library, see a movie or go somewhere you can enjoy someone else’s air conditioning. Otherwise, save physical jobs like mowing the lawn and gardening for the morning and afternoon and leave the middle of the day for sedentary activities like responding to emails, sorting your washing or taking a nap!

Finally, don’t create extra heat in your house. A stove, oven and dryer are the worst appliances for heating up a house. Make meals that don’t require a lot of cooking or baking – who wants a hot dinner in the middle of summer anyway? – and use your clothesline to dry clothes.

There will be some days when only your air conditioning will be strong enough to break through the heat. Don’t be afraid to switch it on when you need it – that’s what it’s there for. Just remember that every minute you leave it off is saving you money.

Keep cool this summer. Call Mercury Installations Brisbane on (07) 3312 4244 for air conditioning installation and repairs.