Prepare your air conditioner for winter in Brisbane

Winter is here and we can already feel the cold wind and temperature. Most households have already started taking blankets out of the closets and preparing for winter. Even though winter is coming and the blankets are out, many forget to also prepare their air conditioner for winter. Brisbane might not have a harsh winter, but that doesn’t mean your air con shouldn’t be serviced and prepared.

In today’s blog we’ll share with you a few tips to help you get your air con in perfect conditions for the cold months coming ahead of us.

Using a reverse-cycle air-conditioning unit is the most energy efficient way to keep your home warm in the cooler months.

Make sure you keep the air filters clean throughout the year. You should clean them every 3 months. Filters are generally washable; use cold running water to wash them, either in the sink or shower or take them outside and wash them under a tap or with the hose.

Be sure to check around the outdoor unit of your air conditioner, if any rubbish such as leaves and debris has built up clear it out as this reduces air flow across the coil. You can clean with a hose if the coil is really dirty.

In the heating mode you may notice that there is a considerable amount of water coming from the outdoor unit, this is completely normal.

A few things to remember:

-Keep thermostat temperatures to 18°C-20°C in winter.
-Turn the unit on before the house gets cold.
-Close off some areas to contain conditioned air.

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