How to Set Your Air Conditioner to be an Efficient Heater in Brisbane For Winter

Mercury Installations

If you’re unsure how to set your air conditioner to compliment the winter climate, it will not be efficient and could potentially hit you hard with ongoing operating costs. With power bills surging, it is important to keep heating costs down all year round. Mercury Services have some tips on how you can get the most efficiency from your air conditioner this winter.

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Tips To Plan An Air Conditioning Installation

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When it comes to installing air conditioning, there are more things to consider than you might imagine. You need to think about the size and layout of the area you want to heat or cool, and then research the most efficient style of air conditioner for the space. After this, you’ll be making decisions about where to install outdoor units, or indoor outlets. If you’re going around in circles trying to plan an air conditioning installation , try these helpful hints!

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4 Step Aircon Cleaning Guide

Summer is here. As the weather heats up and we sweat ourselves into a dehydrated frenzy, don’t forget to give your hardworking air-conditioner some much needed TLC as it pumps out streams of cool, crisp air. The team at Mercury Installations have seen our fair share of tired, laboring aircon units, breaking down and fizzling out in the depths of Queensland’s hottest months because no maintenance plan existed. Don’t fall into the same trap – here is our four step central aircon cleaning guide. Just remember, an occasional clean is no substitute for an expert service, but it certainly saves money, promotes efficiency and lifts the longevity of your unit! Continue reading

4 Cool Ways to Save Money This Brisbane Summer


It’s almost summer time! You know what that means; hot nights, steaming days, days by the pool and hours spread eagled under the air conditioner, hoping the weather will break for a couple of hours and rain will cut through the staggering highs of another summer. At Mercury Installations, we know the feeling. Every year, we see our clients go through the same motions, trying to balance an increased demand of the air-conditioning with rising electricity prices and ridiculous degree readings – they’ve created a new colour at the Bureau of Meteorology, so it’s definitely not just you. Save money this time around and avoid the post-summer bill shock by following these five easy steps. Continue reading

5 Common Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Repairs


Air conditioners are a necessity not a luxury here in Brisbane, especially during those long summer months, and a break down can mean a very uncomfortable time for you and your family.

Prevention is the best cure, and regular maintenance is the best way to avoid an inconvenient break down. You should have your air conditioner serviced at least once a year. The benefits of regular servicing include: Continue reading