Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist

As we slide off the back of summer, chances are your air conditioner is grateful. As far as your air conditioner is concerned, it’s been a long few months! But it’s not over yet. When winter arrives, you might need the air conditioner for a whole different reason. So how can you ensure that it’s ready to go when you need it?

Air conditioners, like any appliance or piece of equipment, require maintenance. That maintenance needs to be relatively frequent, too, so that your air conditioner can live a long and happy life. So here are our tops tips to add to your air conditioner maintenance checklist.

The first key to preventative air conditioner maintenance is checking the filters – here’s why

Perhaps the most important, and luckily easiest aspect of air conditioner maintenance is cleaning the filters. There are two reasons clean filters are important. First, clean air conditioning filters allow your air conditioner to run smoothly. With air flowing easily through the unit, your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard. That means cooler temperature – or warmer if you need them – and less power consumption.

The second reason is health. Unclean air conditioner filters are breeding grounds for mould and bacteria. With those nasties circulating in the air, your health can take a hit. So keep your filters clean, and enjoy the benefits that come with it!

Split system air conditioner maintenance can take you outdoors! Here’s what to look for

Air conditioner maintenance isn’t a solely indoor affair. That might be where you feel your air conditioner’s cooling effects, but it’s not where the magic happens. The magic happens in the outdoor air conditioner unit. That’s where the warm air is deposited after it’s removed by the condensers. As a result, it’s important to keep an eye on your air conditioner’s external unit.

First, make sure airflow is steady by checking for bent fins. Second, you should check for any potential obstructions to air flow. Basically, that involves making sure that the external unit is well ventilated. Paired with clean filters, that will leave your air conditioner running smoothly.

Preventative measures should always include some condenser coil maintenance on your air conditioner

Dirty condenser coils raise refrigerant pressures. That’s why it’s important to check your condenser coils for cobwebs, and dusty build up. However, it’s important to keep in mind that those coils aren’t always accessible. As a result, the preventative maintenance task of cleaning air conditioner coils can be a bit technical. Our advice is to call in some expert help.

Your air conditioner maintenance checklist should include a thorough inspection of leaks or drips

Drips are a natural part of air conditioning, believe it or not. The changing air temperature inevitably creates condensation, especially in cool environments. So you shouldn’t be too frightened of a few drips. That being said, though, leaks are bad news. If you see drips starting to emerge where they weren’t before, it might be worth getting an expert to check them out.

Finally, make sure you’re getting profession preventative air conditioner maintenance every 6 months

DIY air conditioner maintenance is important. However, there’s only so much you can do. You have to remember that air conditioners are electrical appliances, with lots of complex parts. Never, under any circumstances, should they be disassembled by unqualified people. They contain some pretty toxic chemicals, as well as numerous electrical hazards.

So if you’re in any doubt, leave it to the qualified and licenced experts. We suggest calling them in about once every six months if you use your air conditioner pretty frequently. Regular servicing will keep your air con in great condition, and improve its performance. That means lower bills and higher comfort for you!

For all your air conditioning needs, get in touch with the experts at Mercury Services today on 0402 906 794.

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