6 Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning has come a long way in recent years. Previously, a lot of people thought it was primarily for commercial use. But that’s changed! Today, ducted air conditioning is massive on the residential market, and when you look at its benefits it’s easy to see why. Ducted air conditioning is fast becoming a residential favourite. So we’ve taken the time to look at why that is, and we’ve come up with the following six benefits of ducted air conditioning.

Ducted air conditioning comes with the benefit of greater comfort – here’s what that means

Ducted air conditioning uses a central air conditioning unit to cool separate rooms, using a central system. That means you can cool your entire house at once, or you can cool individual rooms as you need them. In the depths of summer, that option is unbeatable. You can cool the rooms you use frequently, and leave the ones you don’t. By doing so, you can enjoy greater comfort, with less power consumption.

Ducted air conditioning is smart home compatible, which is a benefit in the modern world!

Of course, there is more to comfort than ducted zones alone. Ducted air conditioning is smart home compatible, and you can equip it to respond to your needs without prompting. For example, you can activate it via sensor, so your ducted air conditioning only activates when there are people in the room. Alternatively, you can operate it centrally from your smart home. That means you can activate it remotely, and let it cool your home before you arrive there!

Ducted air conditioning offers the benefit of zoning technology which means cheaper running costs

We mentioned zoning technology earlier, in the context of comfort. But there’s more than comfort alone, when it comes to the benefits of zoning in ducted air conditioning systems. One of the greatest benefits is power consumption. By cutting down on unnecessary cooling, by using zoning technology, your ducted air conditioner will consume less energy. That means it will cost less to run, and, over time, justify its purchase on that basis alone!

With added efficiency, ducted air conditioning has the benefit of lower emissions and greener use!

Of course, when it comes to better energy efficiency in ducted air conditioning, it’s hard not to mention the environmental benefits. When you consume less power, you lower your carbon footprint. That means your contribution to global emissions will be lower. Green air conditioning is a benefit in itself, and that’s exactly what ducted air conditioning offers you!

Ducted air conditioning is low profile which is a great aesthetic benefit!

Split system air conditions require two parts: the external unit, and the internal system. Both are relatively bulky, and although they fit into a room nicely, they are certainly visible. Ducted air conditioning, on the other hand, is streamlined and low profile, which offers great aesthetic benefits. Ducted systems run through roof cavities, and sometimes floor or wall cavities, where they can’t be seen. They deliver cooled air via low profile ducts, which you can position as you see fit.

Finally, ducted air conditioning can be installed in one go by air conditioning specialists

Finally, there’s the installation bonus. Installing split systems air conditioners throughout a four or five bedroom home takes time, and requires each split system to be installed individually. Ducted systems, on the other hand, simply require the installation of a central unit, and a network of ducting. Sure, it can be a tricky job, with tight spaces and turns. But with experts on the job, it will be a smooth process! If you’ve got more questions, simply ask the pros.

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